As we have discussed in other blog posts this month, website design is very important to local businesses. You should focus efforts on perfecting your desktop website, but that is not the only website you should focus on. After the design of your desktop website is functional, you should begin working on its mobile counterpart. Believe it or not, 55% of time spent on websites comes from desktop visitors while 40% comes from mobile users. Although people spend more time on websites via desktop, more people access websites from mobile devices.

Mobile website visitors continue to grow every year, and that is likely to continue with improved devices and as mobile web design becomes more sophisticated and functional. In this blog post, we will be explaining mobile web design importance and how you can make your mobile counterpart just as good as your desktop counterpart.

Mobile web design importance

Google rankings consider mobile websites too

If there is only one thing you take away from this post about mobile web design importance, this tip is a good candidate. While Google is crawling your desktop website and ranking it, you are more likely to rank higher if you have a functional mobile website. This is because Google’s algorithm knows that many people use mobile devices and consider mobile websites important to their browsing experience. In fact, creating an optimized mobile website is so important that Google has dedicated an entire section on their website to it. Check this page out if you want to learn more about how Google takes desktop and mobile websites into consideration as they are working on rankings.

Convenience for users

As we have mentioned before, many people use their smartphones to search for local information that they need. It is unlikely that they will wait until they are at a desktop computer to search for this information, especially when they can just pull their device out and do it on the go. If someone is searching for a local restaurant and stumbles on your site but it is not optimized for a mobile experience, they will more than likely exit out of it and move on to a competitor. This is also true if your business does not have a website or anywhere for customers to find the information that they need. As long as your mobile website has a smooth design and loads quickly, it will be convenient enough for users to want to access it.

Keeps your company consistent

No matter if your company is brand new or well-established, consistency is key. We don’t just mean consistency in your customer service or product offerings, although those are important too. You must be consistent in your branding, messaging, content, and web design. If you have a fantastic desktop website with a unique design and numerous bells and whistles, but a basic and poorly designed mobile website, people are not going to take you seriously. Although it may be difficult to design both desktop and mobile websites that are innovative, fresh, and functional, it is incredibly important for how potential customers see your business.

More analytics

In a world of technological overload for many people, analytics are becoming more important than they’ve ever been. With the help of analytics, businesses of all sizes and industries are able to see what is working for them and target their efforts towards the correct focus areas. The beauty of mobile web design importance is that by having an optimized mobile website, that just gives you more opportunities to work on new strategies for your business. And because mobile browsing is much more common than desktop browsing in a pinch, you will have the tools that you need to create effective campaigns for people that are more likely to visit your business!

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