As a business owner, there are many things that you must consider throughout your journey of creation and ownership. You have to create your entire business from the ground up and keep it running, which is not an easy task for anyone. Once you get your business off the ground, you must always strive to improve it. While you are working to improve your business, you will likely try many different ideas. Sometimes these ideas may not work out, and that is perfectly okay.

One idea that you can try out is creating video content for your local business. Video content may not be easy to start working on, but our previous blog posts in this series can help you out. If you try to create video content for your local business and it does not work, do not worry because we can help you! Here are some tips on what to do if video content is not helping your local business. These are not the only tips out there, but we believe that they will make an impact on your business!

Video content tips

Evaluate what is going wrong

As we discussed in our blog post about video content do’s and don’ts, there are many things that you must consider while you are planning and executing your video content. Even if you follow the tips we outlined in the blog post and look up more to follow on your own, there is still potential for errors to take place. When these errors inevitably happen, it is up to you to evaluate your content and learn where you went wrong.

In order to effectively evaluate your video content, we suggest that you watch it multiple times after you realize there is an error. Have others view the content and give their honest opinions as this can really help your evaluation. You can also think back to the creative process you went through for the video and potentially recreate it with improvements. It is important to identify these issues before they have a chance to create a larger problem for your local business.

Look at analytics

While you are evaluating why video content is not helping your local business, we suggest that you look at your analytics. Analytics can help your company get a feel for how people are interacting with and responding to your video, along with other content in general. These analytics are a big indicator of if your video was engaging enough or if it was not created correctly for your audience. Every time you put out a new video or another piece of content for your local business, we heavily recommend checking out the analytics to see if it is resonating with your audience in your intended way.

Try a different approach

For a local business, there are some types of videos that a local business can create that will help their business more than others. These types of videos include product explanations, testimonials, thank you videos, and more that you can learn about in our most recent blog post. If you tried creating one of these videos and it did not accomplish the goal you set for your local business, try making another type of video. Depending on the industry that your local business serves, some types of videos may work better than others. You will never know which kind of video is best for your business until you try multiple types, so we recommend checking out our resources that can help you out during this process!

Consult a marketing agency           

If you have tried all the previous tips and still cannot seem to figure out why video content is not helping your local business grow, it is time to consult a marketing agency. At Focused Engagement, our marketing professionals are ready to help your local business grow and succeed. We love local businesses and are able to create high-quality videos that will serve their purpose perfectly for your business, no matter what you specialize in. Contact us today for more information on our digital marketing services, including marketing automation, social media, content curation, and much more.