In the 21st Century, the internet has taken over as the primary mode of communication for most everyone. Most people use the internet to communicate with family and friends as well as customers, potential customers, and business partners. Business of all sizes from local to national have also learned that the internet is an excellent marketing and communication tool and one that only keeps getting better as time goes on. We detailed this online prominence and effectiveness in our most recent post that focused on online chat capabilities, which all companies should take advantage of.

If you consider yourself “old school” and prefer using a traditional phone call method to communicate with customers, no need to stress. There are still ways of using the traditional phone call method while having it optimized for the times we’re currently living in. One of the main ways is by utilizing a VoIP phone system, which will be explained in detail below. This is a part of our 8 retail marketing strategies series, which you can find more of here.

What is a VoIP phone system?

A Voice over Internet Protocol phone system is a telephone system that exists over the internet rather than through landlines or cell phone towers. VoIP technology has been around for quite some time but has only began picking up steam as the internet becomes more essential for our everyday lives. The COVID-19 crisis showed off the power of this technology as many companies take advantage of it as they transition between working at home and working in an office setting.   

VoIP software

There are various companies that provide VoIP software, but there are some that go above and beyond in terms of value. While looking for a VoIP system, you should find one that offers business-class SMS texting and can integrate into marketing automation systems such as SharpSpring, HubSpot, and others. You will find this connectivity invaluable as your local business continues to grow and develop in all aspects. At Focused Engagement, we recommend Simplii for your VoIP services. Simplii stands out because they do have this texting option as well as marketing automation integration.

Other than Simplii, there are options including RingCentral, Nextiva, Grasshopper, and Vonage. Each of companies has unique properties that are all their own as well as different price points. Additional research is essential in order to get the best deal and services that will match with your local business.


The beauty of VoIP technology is the ratio of their numerous benefits to only a few downsides. Here are a few of the most important benefits of VoIP technology, but there are many more out there if you are on the fence about employing this wonderfully helpful technology.

Less expensive than traditional phone systems

If you use a typical landline at your office or home, you are probably familiar with the high cost of purchasing a telephone and the other equipment necessary to make it work for you. With a VoIP system, all you need is the internet and a useable phone to get it set up. A VoIP system is also much cheaper than a landline and you can often save more than $50 per month depending on what company you go with for your services.

Extremely portable

A customer-favorite feature of VoIP systems is how portable they are. As long as you have internet, you can use your VoIP system pretty much anywhere. Even if your business relocates, you can take your VoIP number on the go and not go through the hassle of contacting a phone company and changing your number. You can even use your smartphone or other device to talk on your VoIP number by downloading an application. This ease of use is a customer-favorite feature and one that will keep VoIP systems popular for years to come.   

High-quality audio

When VoIP systems were first introduced, they were notorious for having lower audio quality and dropping calls frequently. That is a thing of the past now, and as long as you have a good internet connection your calls will be crystal clear. With additional equipment including high-quality headphones and microphones, your phone calls with sound even better than on regular cell phone or landline service.

More than just phone calls

With a VoIP system, you can do more than just take phone calls. Most VoIP software options allow you to send documents, images, and videos while also sending text messages and calling customers. These all-in-one features are very popular among users and account for amazing reviews and customer satisfaction.     

Very secure            

When it comes to security, VoIP systems have it covered. IP technology has become very advanced and often includes encryption services and other security bonuses. Depending on the company you go with for your VoIP services, they can have specialists monitoring their networks and keeping your information safe. These encryption services aren’t possible on traditional landline phones, so consider a VoIP system if you want to protect your calls in the most effective way.