Currently, there are many marketing campaign techniques that you will see companies use. Some of these digital marketing techniques include social media, analytics, pay-per-click (PPC), video creation, audio commercials, website design, and much more. All of these techniques can have a positive effect on the marketing campaign, but especially when they are used together. In fact, many companies use a mix of these methods and have great success for themselves and their clients because of it.

Of the methods mentioned above, video creation is become quite important. As technology improves, things naturally get more complicated to understand for many consumers. By creating a video or multiple videos to go along with your marketing campaign, you can improve it exponentially and reach your goals faster.

Why is video creation for marketing essential?

Video creation is very effective and important as a marketing strategy for many reasons. Many people are visual learners and would much rather watch a short video than read a long blog post or see repeated social media posts. Video creation is also very versatile and profitable. They build trust with your audience and can also improve your local SEO and Google rankings. A well-produced video with your marketing agency’s logo can give you more notoriety than some other marketing campaign techniques.

Even though it is an essential part of marketing, not every video you create is the right video. Here are some tips on creating the best videos for your marketing objective.

Video creation tips

Create a catchy intro and outro

The first impression that your video makes is incredibly important. According to Video Brewery, 20% of viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds if it does not interest them. By creating a catchy intro and video title, you give yourself a better chance of having them watch the whole video. Trying new things while creating videos is essential; never become complacent if you want to gain even more viewers.

Focus on a story instead of solely profit

Rather than starting your sales pitch right away, try to focus your video on a story that the customer will care about. No one wants to watch a boring video that tries to sell them something for the whole runtime. Adding a story in your video gives your video the advantage of emotional power. This power will help you tap into their needs and encourage them to look more into your business.

Don’t make the video too long

While most people do enjoy watching videos, few enjoy watching extremely long videos unless it is a topic that they love. If you create a video about your business and put it on your homepage, a new visitor is not going to want to watch it if it is 10 minutes long as opposed to 1 or 2 minutes long. Shorter marketing videos tend to get the point across and keep it in a potential customer’s head. Experiment with the length of your videos and make an informed decision on what works for you based on your analytics.  

Throw unique touches into your videos

Every company has something unique about it, whether it is something big or small. Include this unique aspect in your videos whenever you can! Customers love seeing new things about a company that they are interested in, especially things that show the humans behind the company. Humor is also a good touch to add as many people enjoy when companies show that they can make fun of themselves. Be sure to throw unique touches into your videos as long as they are consistent with the purpose of the video rather than in random places.

Consider optimizing the video’s SEO

Another big reasons video creation in marketing is huge is because of how much Google takes this type of content into account for Search Engine Optimization purposes. The best way to get your SEO game up through your videos is to include key phrases that you want to rank for in the description for your video. The keywords section in YouTube is also important, so be sure to consider both of these to improve your local SEO!

Use a call to action when appropriate

To state it simply: no matter what content you are creating, you should have a call to action included somewhere. A call to action is a phrase that urges the viewer to do something about what you just showed them. The call to action could be as simple as saying “Subscribe to our YouTube channel”. As long as you have one, it is more than likely going to get you at least a few more visits to your website.  

Let us help you out!

As you can see, video creation for marketing is incredibly important. There are various tips that were not discussed here that can help you create better videos. If you need even more help from professionals, consider us at Focused Engagement! We have the ability to create marketing videos, as well as many more services that you may need. Contact us today and follow our social media @focusengage to keep up with our business.