Video content is our topic of the month for February 2021 for a very good reason. This is because video content is essential to the success of a local business during the current times. If you have not already checked it out, our first blog post from this month gives a detailed explanation about why video content is important for a local business, so be sure to read that one before you finish reading this post.

As with anything you do for your local business, there will be potential positives and negatives of creating video content. Video content creation could go perfectly well or disastrously wrong, because of the risks involved. Taking up the prospect of creating video content for your local business does come with risks, although they are not as severe as other things you could be doing such as overhauling your entire business. Here is our video content do’s and don’ts that will help you create the most effective videos for your growing local business!

DO use the correct equipment and practices

One of the most important things to take into consideration about video content is the equipment and practices that you use. Believe it or not, creating a good and effective video is more than just picking up a camera and filming something quickly. To create the best video possible for your local business, you should get a high-quality camera, lighting equipment, sound equipment, a tripod, and a place to film the video. These things may not come cheap, but they will be worth it because you can use them many times over in the future to produce even better videos that will make an impact on your local business.

DO save your work and create backups

Among our video content do’s and don’ts list, this is one of the most important tips. When creating anything, whether it is a video or another piece of content, always be sure to save and backup often. Most people who work with media have probably been affected by this at one time or another and it is not fun. Imagine you just got the best shot possible for your video and then turn off your camera. You turn it back on later and the shot is not there. This could have been easily avoided if you saved throughout the duration of your project.

DO promote your video

In the age of social media, promotion is one of the best tools that local business owners have. You can promote pretty much anything about your business, and that includes videos that you are creating. By posting a simple teaser, or the full video for that matter, you can gain engagement and potential new customers. If you do not promote your video in any way, it will be much harder to gain viewers and new attention for your business. We also suggest having a section on your website for your videos; you can even showcase them on your homepage.

DON’T go in without a plan

Let’s put it simply: if you do not go into your video with a plan, it will be much harder to make a good product. Creative projects such as video creation and editing take a lot of brainstorming and thinking. We suggest that you plan your shots and have a vision for how you want to edit the final piece. You can even look at locations that would be best for your video’s purpose. Whatever you do, plan your video out as much as possible.

DON’T make a video without a purpose

With so many media options around us, most people do not want to watch something that does not grab their attention. While planning for your video, make sure that it has a purpose that will help your local business. If your goal is to get people to buy your new product, make sure that the product is the center of the video. Include a clear call to action so that customers know what to do. This will make your videos much more effective rather than if they have no purpose.

DON’T make the video too long

Similar to our previous video content do’s and don’ts tip, but make sure that your video does not go on for too long. In general, the best strategy for a local business video is the keep it straight to the point. Generally, people do not enjoy watching videos longer than 1-3 minutes. If you stay in between this amount of time, your video will likely resonate with the viewer more than if it is over 3 minutes.

If this seems like too tall of an order for you, Focused Engagement offers video creation services as well. Contact us today for more information on our services! We love helping local businesses and want to see you succeed.