At Focused Engagement, the month of February 2021 has been centered on video content topics. We feel that this topic is extremely important for all local businesses because it can really help them grow. No matter what your business does, take advantage of the technology of today and make videos for your local business. You never know how big of an impact making videos will have on your business until you start making them.

Our first two posts in this series gave you insight into why local business video content is important and some of the do’s and don’ts of video content creation. Now that you have a little more knowledge of why videos are important and what to consider while making them, we want to give you a little bit more advice. Here are some ideas for the best video content for a local business. These ideas are not ranked in order of importance, but rather as our suggestion of when to make each type of video.

Best types of video content for local businesses

Introductory origin story video

This type of video was mentioned in our post about why local business video content is important, and what we said in that post still rings true. Upon starting your company, you should create a short video explaining why you decided to start it and what you hope to accomplish. In this video, you can tell the backstory of your company, your inspiration, why you love what you do, and more. We suggest keeping this video short and sweet so that it does not drag on. Share this video on social media so that potential customers get more of a sense of your company. This helps build trust early and shows that you are real people that love what they do.  

Product/service explanations

Once you have created your video explaining a little bit about your business, you should move on to making videos about your products or services. Whether you run a business that is common or uncommon, it is a great idea to make some of these videos. In fact, this is often some of the best video content for a local business. You never know if someone will have trouble understanding what your business offers, and the video content you offer may make or break their experience with your local business.

The goal of your product and service explanation videos should be to communicate how your products/services will help your potential customer. These videos are not supposed to simply show the product off, they should show the purpose. As with your company’s introductory video, these product explanation videos should be short, sweet, and to-the-point. Do not let them drag on because you will lose your viewers’ attention quickly.

Videos that solve a common problem

You may think that this type of video can be accomplished by simply creating a longer product/service explanation video. We do not recommend that because, as mentioned before, you may lose viewer attention if the video drags on too long. It is a smart idea to make separate videos for common problems that occur or may occur within your local business. You could also embed these videos in your already created FAQ (frequently asked questions) webpage so that customers can find what they are looking for faster.

Testimonial videos

Once you have been in business for a while and have many happy customers, testimonial videos are a great idea. The purpose of these videos is for your customers to give you an honest review in a video format that can be displayed on your website for others to see. You can have customers record these videos about various products or services so that prospective customers can view them while making their decision about your business.

Although they may be difficult to collect, these videos help you build trust for future visitors. The beauty of testimonial videos is that you do not need many to get the point across. Sure, the more the merrier, but even just a few videos can make a world of difference for your business. We heavily recommend attempting to get these videos because they really will help build your credibility.

Thank you videos

While these videos are not a requirement, they are still a good idea if you are trying to build even more rapport with your customer base. You can create custom thank you videos that play after someone purchases something from you. You can also go a step further and make a thank you video that acknowledges customers for even visiting your website in the first place. On your quest for the best video content for a local business, thank you videos are not a bad place to end up.