For businesses just starting out. Includes all services listed below.

One of the key features of our software is the conversation window. Through one convenient window, you can monitor all conversations with your leads and customers. It doesn’t matter which conversation channel, whether it’s through Google My Business or Facebook messaging, text messages, emails – you can even monitor your phone calls.

You’ll never have to worry about missing an engagement opportunity because you weren’t monitoring the right applications. Without a system like this, you have to monitor your text messages, emails, Facebook, and GMB separate from each other. By having a lot of different things you need to monitor, the chances of you missing a lead increase dramatically.

With this system you won’t miss any because they’re all in the same spot.

Google My Business is a powerful way for your leads and customers to communicate with you. This platform is great, but the problem is – without a system like ours, it becomes more cumbersome than it’s worth by making it one more thing that you have to monitor to make sure that you see the leads coming.

With our software, we can integrate your Google My Business chat with all your messaging channels into one single location. This makes monitoring and following up with your leads from all different platforms much easier. It saves you time and it increases the chance that you will sell your products because you will be able to communicate with them quickly and keep them satisfied.

When a customer sends in a message through a regular chat widget, if you don’t answer within the first 30 seconds, most customers will leave your site and not see your response.

With Engage Plus, we offer a text to chat widget – the customer puts in their name, phone number, and message – it will go directly to your conversations tab.
If you’re not able to get to them directly, when you respond, they are almost guaranteed to see your response because people check their texts.

The chance that they will see your text response goes up dramatically rather than if they were to send a message directly inside your website.

Our reputation management feature is one of the best ways for you to attract more attention to your company by having a steady stream of new positive reviews going to your Google page while ranking higher on Google.

One of the key advantages to this feature is how easy it is to use. With one click of a button you can request reviews by sending a text and/or an email. Simply enter their name and phone number/email. It’s that easy!

We take it a step further – in one single location, you can monitor when reviews come in, respond to them, and share them to either Facebook or Google My Business as a post instead of just a review.

Facebook messaging is a great way for your leads and customers to get in contact with you. However, if you’re not constantly monitoring your Facebook, you could easily miss a message from a potential customer.

By integrating your Facebook messaging with all your messaging channels into one location, it makes monitoring and following up with leads from every messaging platform easier.

The main benefit of this service is never losing a customer or sales opportunity because you didn’t see a message. This is a way you can ensure that you see all the messages that come in.

A big challenge as a local retailer is competing with much larger companies, big box stores and national eCommerce chains. It’s important to make every dollar that is put into marketing as effective as possible. One of the ways we can help with that is through call tracking.

When you put money into ads such as Google, newspaper, radio or TV, you’re probably giving your phone number out. You are going to want to see how many phone calls you’re getting from that advertising piece, and the only way to do that is by tracking those calls.

By using this feature, you’ll be able to see how many calls were answered, how many were missed, how many were first time callers, and how long those calls were. These are all key reporting features to track so you can know what is working in your business.

Competition for local retailers is tougher than ever. Not only are they competing against other local retailers, but also big box stores and national eCommerce sites. This means that it is critically important that we start the engagement process as quick as possible.

When you get a call, you should  answer the phone every single time, but sometimes you can’t. With our system, what you can do is send them an automatic text message that we call missed call text back. This feature allows you to send automated messages straight to your customer as soon as the call was missed. This makes it a little more personal to your customer, and it lets them know that you acknowledge that you missed their call. You’re able to personalize the message at any time, and it increases your chance that you will close with that person rather than them going to your competition.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, retail business hit projections for eCommerce that no one expected to see until 2025. People started buying more online, and companies like Amazon skyrocketed. This means that having an eCommerce site is critical especially for a local retailer, and in order to compete, it’s important to make everything as convenient as possible for your customers.

Text to Pay is a great, convenient feature that we offer. While in the conversations tab with your customer, with a few clicks of a button you can quickly and easily write in your product name, price, and whether you want the invoice to expire. Once you hit send, it will immediately send them to a link with the invoice you just set up, and they’re able to put in their credit card info and pay right there.

Now that they’ve paid, they can schedule a pickup or delivery. We made that as easy and convenient as possible for the customer. This feature gives you the advantage to compete with big box stores using that personal touch with the same convenience that they have.

For growing businesses. Includes all services listed above and below.

Our calendar feature is very convenient for any business that needs to schedule out appointments, make deliveries, and much more. It is a great place to send out text and email reminders to prepare your customers for their appointments/deliveries. The calendar feature is customizable and allows you to block out the time you need to manage your business. You can create as many calendars as you need and sync them with your Google calendar. With our calendar feature, you will never confuse your appointments/deliveries again.

Our customer relationship management feature allows you to keep all your customer information in one location. By taking advantage of this feature, you will have everything you need to work with your customers in the most efficient way possible. This feature also allows you to send out automated text messages and emails to specific customers whenever you need to. Engage Plus’ CRM features help you keep your business on track.

The opportunities feature of Engage Plus allows your local business to engage in active marketing. This feature helps you actively generate leads, engage with them, and see the opportunities you create. You can customize this section to fit your business and keep track of how many potential customers you have. This helps with lead nurturing and creating more effective campaigns that will raise your conversion rate.

The Engage Plus referral system is a critical component of active marketing. By being active and using our referral feature, you can work with your customers to get even more customers! When you create a referral system, you are taking full advantage of the customers you have previously served to keep your local business growing. You can customize your referral system and incentivize it to make it even more effective. All of this can be done through Engage Plus.

The Engage Plus retargeting system allows you to focus on your existing customers and nurture them into visiting you again. You can create custom campaigns that will give you a competitive advantage over your opponents. By constantly communicating with your customers, the chances of them doing business with you again increases exponentially. Once you use this feature in combination with opportunities and the referral system, your business will be aggressively growing in no time.  

For established businesses. Includes all services.

If you want to take your business to the next level with our premium plan, custom funnels will do wonders for you. These pages can display any information you want and can help in your marketing efforts. Simply tell us what you want and we can make it happen!

Our unlimited workflows feature is one of the cornerstones of the Engage Plus premium plan. These workflows can be built from the ground up for many functions including reviews, referrals, and much more.

Do you need to capture customer data for a new marketing campaign? Our custom forms are perfect for this! With the premium plan, you get unlimited forms that will surely help your business.

Are surveys important to your business? With the Engage Plus premium plan, you can have as many as you need and they will be customized for your business. 

Trigger links are an important part of marketing automation as they can help track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Now is the best time to start using trigger links to turn your campaigns around!