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Like you, we are entrepreneurs focused on providing exceptional service to our clients. Everything we do revolves around unlocking the unlimited potential in our clients’ team, products, and brands.
When you partner with Focused Engagement to grow your business online you get a dedicated team of industry experts who collaborate on everything. We take a deep dive into your business and growth goals, and use proven strategies to help make them happen.

Focused Engagement Digital Marketing Services​

Over the last several years, the Focused Engagement team have worked tirelessly to develop a strategy that goes beyond simple Search Engine Optimization into a full Consumer Engagement System. Our system helps our clients in several ways:

    • We drive more traffic to your website, help you get more phone calls or get more people into your store.  We do this through proven Local SEO strategies, paid advertising, customized lead generation tools, and a focused social media marketing campaign.
    • We focus on products/services that drive up the average sales ticket.  Sometimes as much as 50%
    • We re-target people that didn’t purchase. This leads to a higher conversion ratio.
    • We re-market to customers that did purchase to encourage them to purchase other products from you. 

Our strategy helps our clients increase the amount of customers they get AND increases the Life Time Value of those customers.


Focused Engagement works with every client to create a customized plan taking advantage of the following areas of expertise:

We provide extensive local SEO services designed to translate into more traffic and leads, guaranteeing increased profitability for different types of businesses.

Make a positive statement with impressive site design. Our development team creates attractive websites for you that are user and SEO-friendly.

We use the latest video production software to produce informative videos that tell your story with finesse. Gain more relevant traffic with effective video marketing.

Maximize your brand’s presence by maintaining credibility online. Our online reputation management services offer leverage against negative reviews or online attacks.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation services drive targeted traffic to your pages to not only increase your sales but also improve your overall branding online.

How do you build stronger relationships with consumers? By getting to know them better, of course. Let us provide the customer information you need.

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About us

Focused Engagement is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers local SEO, reputation management, and customer engagement tools. We help clients convert more leads with our customer-centric approach to consumer engagement.

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