Customer Engagement Strategy

Focused Engagement is an innovator in Customer Engagement Marketing.  We offer data driven solutions to motivate, excite, and engage your customers. 

How Our System Works

Using customer analytics and insights, we are able to create memorable brand experiences.

Our proprietary innovations are designed to exceed your expectations as-well-as those of your potential customers. We achieve this through:

  • Customized Lead Generation Forms
  • Bot Technology
  • Hyper-personalized email experiences

We use our Customer Engagement System in three primary areas:

Focused Engagement offers a full range of services designed to suit your business’ unique marketing challenges. We work with our clients every step of the way to develop solutions that strengthen brand loyalty and increase sales.

Online engagement should continue well after your prospect becomes a customer. With our knowledge and successful strategy, we are able to increase your customer base and the life time value of each customer.   

 We do this through: 

Forms and calls-to-action on your website

online reviews

Bot technology on your website and Facebook page

Content Marketing through Social Media, Email, and other online avenues

Customer Engagement

We are able to automate your customer engagement processes using software that outperforms expectations. Our team unifies all of your business interfaces into one
platform to focus on delivering a great customer experience. Reach customers faster. Increase productivity. Improve the customer experience.
Relate to your customers where they are
  • We understand customer behavior and are able to increase consumer focus.
  • We use predictive analysis tools to identify customer needs.
  • We route customer interactions to the best resources for fast results.

Personalize your customer experience

  • Analytics and automation tools allow us to offer your customers a personalized
    experience each time interact with your branded content.
  • We understand the importance of self-service and opt-in options that allow
    customers to select how they want to be communicated with.
  • We offer technology that matches your company’s products and services with
    what your customers want and need to maximize sales and productivity.

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About us

Focused Engagement is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers local SEO, reputation management, and customer engagement tools. We help clients convert more leads with our customer-centric approach to consumer engagement.

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