Depending on where you look, digital marketing companies can be quite different. They can be brand new companies that just began or longstanding companies that are well-known and liked. They may be made up of veterans in the industry or young people that are fresh out of college. Regardless of the experience, education, and prestige levels of a digital marketing company, skills can always be built upon.

Marketing is not an industry that you can simply walk into without any basic skills, it requires at least a little bit of knowledge. But lucky for you, there are plenty of amazingly helpful resources out there to help you gain these skills. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite digital marketing resources, some that we personally use. Beware that even though not all of these are free to use, they are all worth your time and can help grow invaluable skills in the marketing industry.

Digital marketing training resources

Google Analytics Academy/Google Skillshop

Familiarity with Google Analytics and Google Skillshop is a positive for a marketer at any level, whether you are experienced or just starting out. These Google resources are completely free and provide great training on how to view different types of data and how to use it to influence your business in a positive way. You can also gain certifications from them that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn.

Google Ads can seem like a very complex platform before you know what you are doing, so take advantage of these free and helpful trainings. In addition to Google Ads courses, Google Skillshop provides trainings on YouTube, Google Marketing Platform, Google My Business, Google Cloud, and many more. Find these by clicking “browse” once you login to the Skillshop website. Here at Focused Engagement, we highly recommend these resources as they have been a great help to us.

Edge Academy

If you are brand new to digital marketing and need to learn the basics, Edge Academy will be your best friend. They offer three certification courses surrounding digital marketing: marketing foundations, data-driven planning, and trading essentials. The courses are quite detailed so that means they are long, but you will learn a lot without a doubt. At the end of each course, you can take a certification exam that shows your competency in the concepts you learned about.

Facebook Blueprint

Even though some consider it a less popular social media these days, Facebook still has a lot to offer. The Facebook company owns several other popular social media platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp and offers marketing training courses and certification exams for all of them. Unlike the other resources mentioned in this blog post, Facebook Blueprint certifications are not free. Each exam can cost up to $150, so be sure that the certification is something you will use before investing in it.

Growth Academy by WordStream

WordStream provides another valuable resource for those that want to study up on the digital marketing basics as well as other important topics. These on-demand videos are free and contain information on things such as paid search, Google shopping, remarketing, lead generation, selling products, growth, and many more. These courses do not offer certification tests, but they are great to study up on nonetheless.  

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