Due to the fact that we are living in a mostly digital world, you might be thinking that offline marketing isn’t as important anymore. Well, think again. Offline marketing is still a huge part of the business world and can help you generate more leads and sales for your company. But if you are new to advertising offline, creating these types of marketing campaigns can be a little bit difficult. On the bright side, there are many offline marketing examples out there.

Fortunately for you, Focused Engagement is well versed in both online and offline marketing strategies. You have probably seen many offline marketing campaigns but did not pay much attention to them, maybe because they were ineffective or just plain bad. No need to worry about those bad examples because we have compiled a list of offline marketing examples that will show you what great offline marketing looks like in real life!

Offline marketing examples

Starbucks stars

A few years ago, popular coffee company Starbucks decided to create a brand new loyalty program focusing on “stars”. The stars that were mentioned are gained with every purchase of a Starbucks product. Once you redeem these stars, you can use them for free drinks or other items at Starbucks locations.

This technique is a great offline marketing example because it is advertised in physical Starbucks locations but it also gets customers to use the company’s mobile app. Stars incentivize customers, even more, to continue purchasing products with the possibility of getting a reward later down the road. Overall, this offline marketing example creates a funnel for customer retention and room for growth so that new customers will want to join the rewards program.

Tomorrowland ticket unboxing

If you have never heard of it, Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival in Belgium each year. It is one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the world and sells out every year that it takes place. Tomorrowland brings in thousands of people from around the world, which means it is a hotbed for offline marketing examples.

One such example of offline marketing and Tomorrowland is the extravagant boxes that the festival tickets come packaged in. Depending on the theme of the festival in any given year, a festival goer could receive a treasure chest, a puzzle, or a short story. The beauty of these complex boxes is that many of the excited attendees will share their awesome ticket boxes on social media, which effectively combines offline and online marketing. Giving your customers something to be excited about works well in any marketing context, but especially if you can combine offline and online marketing while doing so.

Deadpool 2 movie billboard

Everyone knows that billboards are one of the most popular and effective forms of offline marketing. This is because they are easily visible from the road due to their size and big letters. Some billboards are straightforward and easy to understand, while others are more abstract or clever. One clever billboard was used to promote Deadpool 2 in 2018. The billboard featured emojis that spelled out “Deadpool 2” and featured multiple movie characters.

Due to their clever nature, the billboards for Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were posted online to good reception from fans. This shows that if your billboard is creative, it will get posted to social media and seen by more people. This can result in increased attention to your brand and even new customers.

Derrick Rose Jump Store

This one is a bit of an older example but it is still a very creative offline marketing example. Back in 2013, Adidas opened a shoe store in London that featured sneakers from basketball player Derrick Rose. Fans were given the opportunity to jump and try to reach a certain mark. If they were able to jump and reach the mark, they got to keep the shoes that they grabbed. This was a creative way to combine multiple marketing strategies and make people want to visit a new store. By creating this offline marketing strategy, Adidas gave many people an experience that they will remember.