Last April, we published a blog post that had a lot to do with common marketing myths that pop up all the time. The marketing myths we discussed in that post cover topics including content marketing, cross-platform marketing, social media, SEO, and more. If you want to learn why these myths are simply myths, we recommend that you read that post before checking this one out.

In our previous post, we said that the myths that were discussed are not the only marketing myths out there. That is still true, so we think it is important to talk about more marketing myths and debunk them. Here are some more common marketing myths that are prevalent in the industry today.

Marketing myths

Marketing is easy and requires little skill to pull off

Due to the way that the media is, the word “marketing” gets thrown around quite a bit. This causes the word to lose a bit of its meaning for some. This extreme use of the word makes people believe that marketing is something that it isn’t and that it is easy to do no matter what business you are doing it for. Unsurprisingly, this could not be further from the truth. In order to create an effective marketing plan for any business, you have to know about the industry and the different practices that get the desired results. You cannot just coast by in the marketing field, you have to have some knowledge.

If you want your marketing for a local business to be effective, we recommend putting in some work by learning about the industry. There are plenty of training courses and resources available online that will give you a basic understanding of where to start with marketing. If you do not want to do this, you can hire a professional digital marketing firm! Focused Engagement offers various marketing services including SEO, social media, content creation, and much more.

Small businesses shouldn’t use money on marketing

This is yet another marketing myth that could not be further from the truth. We understand that many local businesses do not have a huge marketing budget, especially if they are just starting out. But even if you only have a little bit of extra money to use for your local business’ digital marketing efforts, you can still make a difference. In order to use your marketing budget effectively, we recommend you create a marketing plan. This plan should include your budget and the marketing techniques that you want to use. As your income continues to grow, it is a good idea to put a bit more of this money towards improving your marketing plan.

If marketing doesn’t deliver fast results, it isn’t working

Even though this does not seem like a marketing myth, it is one. As with most things in life, good things come to those who wait. This is especially true when talking about digital marketing, because it may take some time for you to start seeing some results after you implement a marketing plan. Whether you decide to do paid marketing or go the organic route, giving your marketing efforts time to grow is key. We suggest that you do not give up and keep pushing your marketing to be even better than it already is. Results will come and you will be able to use those to continue improving your business!

You can market towards everyone

While this is technically true, you should not try to market your business towards everyone. No matter how amazing your products or services are, not everyone will be interested. This can be for a variety for reasons, including interests, price, convenience, and more. After you realize that you should not be marketing towards everyone, you will realize that you should target your efforts towards a prime audience. Your target audience are the people that are most likely to interact with your business. These people will give you the best return on investment (ROI) possible and make your marketing efforts feel more worth it. In order to find your target audience, research the analytics of your website and take notes of who visits you. This will help you find the perfect audience to market towards.