Mondays are rough. But you already know that. Going back to the office and getting into the swing of things after a long weekend – especially in the middle of January, once the blues hit, can be difficult. 

The content creation team at Focused Engagement has curated a Monday playlist to help them start off the week productive and focused. We use music to set the tone of our environment, our mood, and our work pace. Each song offered with personal commentary from our team.

We agree that music plays a positive role in productivity. Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant professor at the University of Miami working in the music therapy program, does research on the effect of music listening on work performance. According to Dr. Lesiuk’s research, those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and had better ideas than those who didn’t overall. 

Our team shows the most productivity when listening to fast-paced music with few or no lyrics. This productivity playlist includes a mix of classical, upbeat, and modern tunes to help you crush your work day!

Modern Music

RÜFÜS – Innerbloom “I first heard RÜFÜS while I was at a summer music festival back in 2018. I loved hearing their popular music live for the first time. Then I went home and listened to more from them and fell in love with this song in particular. They make a lot of electric dance music, but this song is very toned down for them. It is long, slow, but as a nice beat and doesn’t take much away from your attention span to enjoy.”

ODESZA – “Late Night” 
“ODESZA was another music festival find from that summer. They have become a lot more popular over the last few years. People that enjoy music from all different genres are beginning to appreciate their uniqueness and empowering sounds. I wanted to include this and the following into our productivity playlist because they are lyrical without having lyrics. They each have such an interesting sound and beat, but it’s not easy to get distracted or displaced by them because of their lack of lyrics.

ODESZA – A Moment Apart 

MEUTE – You & Me
“This is an all-time-favorite of mine. I think I recommend this song to people more than any other. It is one of those songs you love so much that you want to keep it to yourself, but it is so beautiful that you think others are unfulfilled without it. It is an entirely instrumental take on a modern pop song. I can’t say too much about it. It really speaks for itself. I have listened to it so many times; I think it’s practically my anthem. It’s great for my productivity in particular because I know it like the back of my hand. It doesn’t distract me or take my focus off what is at hand. It’s just like a beautiful white noise.”

The Album Leaf – The Light
“This is another entirely instrumental song. And, another absolutely beautiful song. This is my all-time favorite song to play in the background of nearly any activity. It is great to play while cooking, cleaning, writing, and reading.”

M83 – Outro “I don’t think I have a single friend who hasn’t heard this song. I’ve sent it to all of them. Beautiful, long, timeless, and re-playable this song is relaxing and motivating. I love to start my mornings or my commute listening to this one.”

Classical Music

If our recommendations above aren’t really your taste, check out our classical music favorites. All timeless and without lyrics, they are sure to help you with undisturbed productivity.

Claude Debussy – Clair De Lune

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata

Evelyn Stein – Quiet Resource

Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2

Youtube Stations for all-hours productivity

Our favorite 24/7 loops. Youtube has this great feature that allows creators to publish endless loops of music. These links offer users themed music 24/7. These are great because all the music within them has the same type of sound, and they play continuously with no need to change the song or look for what’s next. These stations are specifically curated to be set and left alone to let you focus on the task at hand.

Calm Piano Music 24/7 We love this link because it offers a 24/7 loop of relaxing piano music. 

Work in Peace  If classical music isn’t your thing, our team also loves this more modern 24/7 loop of music to get productive to.

We know Mondays are tough, but we are being productive and we hope you are too. If not, at least you’ve got some new music to check out!