Meet Hannah Glass, Account Executive, Content Creator, and outdoor activity enthusiast!

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Name: Hannah Glass

Position: Account Executive

What’s your average day like at Focused Engagement? 

An average day is usually filled with lots of emails, lots of meetings, lots of creative content writing, and random conversations usually shaped around everyone’s kids, weekend plans or food.

Tell us about a favorite Focused Engagement moment.

Oh man, there are so many great moments to choose from, but one that really stands out was actually in my initial interview with Focused Engagement. Throughout the interview, I was given a few skills test. I was asked to come up with and edit content on-the-spot. It was a challenging interview, but it showed me that the team really wanted to hear my suggestions and insight on the content and clients at hand. I was really blown away by how easy it was to communicate with and get to know the team as they got to know me – the energy in the room was so positive and made me even more excited to work for Focused Engagement. 

What’s your favorite blog, and why?

I’ve really been enjoying reading Medium. They have such a wide-range of topics no matter what mood I’m in, they always have something to offer. But I also really love podcasts. On my commute, I’ve been listening to Marketing School. It’s a podcast from Influencer, Neil Patel that focuses strictly on topics relating to marketing. It definitely gets me in the marketing mindset while traveling into the office.

What makes Salt Lake City, Utah appealing?

Well, I grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan. Don’t get me wrong, Michigan is stunning, but it’s got nothing on the scenery here in Utah. I’ve always been attracted to the mountains, outdoor activities, and the warm (well, warmer than MI) weather that Utah offers. I love living in Salt Lake City because I am only a half hour’s drive from mountain hikes and some of the most stunning nature around, but also in a large enough city that there’s always night life to keep me busy.

What do you really do at Focused Engagement?

Ask lots of questions. Go to lots of meetings with coworkers and clients. Take lots of notes. Write lots of content. Edit lots of content. Drink lots of tea.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

You’ll usually find me outside. I love exploring all the beauty Utah has to offer, and I try to go a hike or do some sort of outdoor adventure every weekend. I have been obsessed with the Uintas lately — I’ve gone hiking in American Fork Canyon four times in the last two weeks.  

Years from now, what will stick out most about 2019?

2019 was a fantastic year for me. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and move to Utah. I’m still pretty young, but earning my degree and moving across the country were two of the proudest moments of, not only 2019 but of, my life. 

This year was a great year for both me and the members of my family. My sister also graduated from college this year and passed her nursing boards. I’ve definitely felt more blessed, proud, and grateful in 2019 than I ever have before.

What’s the last song you intentionally listened to?

“The Light” by The album Leaf. I was creating a playlist of songs to play at work – songs I know so well they won’t distract me and can help with productivity. 

Favorite book/movie/album/TV show/etc.?

Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Movie: Anything directed by Wes Anderson. They’re quirky and humorous and he has such a distinct style. I love Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

TV Shows: HBO’s The Jinx, Neflix’s Schitt’s Creek, and ABC’s Scandall

What’s one of life’s simple pleasures?

Feta cheese. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

The internet is listening. Give us some words to live by.

“Love and hate are beasts and the one that grows is the one you feed.” When I was in high school every member of my graduating class go to have a quote printed next to their yearbook photo. This was the quote I chose… But the yearbook editor made a few typos so it was printed saying something like, “Love & hate are beasts. The one that grows is the one fed.” Haha.