Managing your local business listing is a critical part of a successful digital marketing program. Managing your listing will increase your customers’ and leads’ experiences, and increase traffic and visibility on your site. Having control and staying up-to-date with your business listing will help with customer acquisition, competing against comparable business, and ranking among your competition on SERPs.  

What is a local business listing? 

Local listing management means claiming and optimizing the presence of your business on third party websites. In order to manage your local business listing, you will have to make frequent updates to keep customers up-to-date with hours of operation, services & products offered, etc.  By creating and optimizing your listing, you will be able to control the contact information, business hours, and content associated with your business. This allows you to show your customers what is most important to them. Local listing management will also allow you to read and respond to reviews from your customers. 

Why it is important to keep up-to-date with local business listings

Google is constantly changing it’s search ranking algorithm. This means that the methods used to rank local search queries are always changing. These changes to the algorithm are intended to make the search engine users’ experience better. Algorithm changes may change the result of your business’ ranking on search engines, so it is important to keep up with maintenance.

If you choose not to participate in local listing management, it could quickly lead to negative impacts on your business. If you are not managing your business listing, incorrect information about your business could be put online and potential customers may not be able to notice your business. 

Not keeping up-to-date with your business listing can lead to:

  • Wrong business hours, location/address, and phone numbers being displayed.
  • Incorrect business services being listed.

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