If you are serious about growing a local business of your own and succeeding, there are many things that you should take seriously. Some of them may be obvious, such as perfecting and putting your best products out, good customer service, training your employees, and keeping your facilities clean and effective. With all these different aspects likely to take up much of your time, you may forget about some of the other things you should focus on to keep your business both running successfully and growing.

After you get everything in the above paragraph taken care of, you should focus on your digital marketing, but specifically your local business video content. You may be asking why you should focus on creating local business video content. As a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping local businesses, Focused Engagement has plenty of reasons why for you. Here are our best local business video content tips that will help you understand the importance of creating this content for your business.

Local business video content tips

Brand awareness

If you read through this article and only take one thing away from it, this tip is certainly a good candidate. For a local business that is just starting out, brand awareness is super important. How else are you going to get people to visit your brand-new business if they do not know about it? This is exactly where local business video content comes in perfectly.

When you create your website and social media pages, one of the first things that you should post is a video about your business. This video should explain who you are and what your purpose is. Introduce yourself, your staff, and the service or products that you are promoting. Do not make this video super long as that may turn away viewers that do not have a lot of time to spend watching it.

The reason an introductory video works so well is because people are more likely to watch something rather than read through a long blog post. This video will also allow you to show off features about your business, and most importantly your business personality. It will give customers a good idea of if they want to do business with you in the future. Take your time and create a video that really reflects your core values, and you will give yourself a bigger chance to start with success.

Grows trust

Along the lines of the first point, local business video content can help you build trust with your audience. Video is a more personal medium than writing, so viewers are more likely to feel connected to you and your business if they can see the people who are creating it for them. If you can get people to watch your video content, you will help build trust before they even walk through your door or purchase your product online for the first time. This is something that is invaluable and should always be maintained.

Easy to produce

Another positive of local business video content is that it can be very easy to produce, depending on the type that you are looking to create. If you don’t know what types of video content you can make, check out this helpful list from Wistia for some more tips. Essentially, all you need is a smartphone, camera, microphone, and basic video editing software to create a video. It also depends on how skilled you are, but that is the gist of creating a video. You can also hire many of the talented professionals out there if you want something that is a little more well-done. We recommend giving it a shot on your own, but you can always contact us to create videos for you! Our talented professionals are always ready to help.  

Raises engagement

It is a fact that most businesses post content on social media, whether it is status updates, business changes, photos, blog posts, or videos. But the one that boosts your engagement the most is local business video content. When you post a video that your audience likes, they will like, share, or comment on it. This shows that they are engaging with your content more than they would have if you did not post the video. In this day and age, the impact of engagement should not be misunderstood. It can without a doubt make or break your business, especially if it is just starting out.

Helps you raise higher in search rankings

The last reason why you should create local business video content is because it can help boost you in search rankings. Whether you want to rank high on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, video content is the way to go. By creating and releasing videos for your business, you will begin to move up on Google. This is especially true if you include these videos on your website. All in all, video creation is fully worth the effort that you have to put in. Contact Focused Engagement today for more video creation tips and for our services. We love helping local businesses thrive in the community! Stay tuned to our website for more video content-related posts during February!