No matter what marketing methods you choose to use, there is always a potential chance of making mistakes. One such method that many local businesses make mistakes on is Instagram. For inexperienced users, this platform can come with many challenges due to the way content is shared and absorbed by audiences. If you’re not careful, these mistakes can affect your revenue and growth as a business. In this blog post we will go over some of the most common Instagram mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them for your own business!

Instagram mistakes to avoid

Don’t have an incomplete bio

The Instagram bio is the small, yet vital blurb of information under your profile picture. If you don’t have an Instagram bio or it’s incomplete, then many users will be hesitant to follow and engage with your business’ Instagram account because they simply won’t know enough about what you offer! Remember that this platform allows many opportunities for users to see your posts and even go as far as visiting the store. For this reason, it is important that you set up a complete bio not only with all of your business’ vital information (address, phone number etc.) but also what makes your company so unique!

Be sure to respond to your followers via comments and DMs

One thing that Instagram users love about this platform is the direct messaging system. It allows them to contact companies and individuals directly with ease, which can be a blessing for both parties if used correctly. However, because of the privacy settings it can also be easy for you as an individual or business account holder to become overwhelmed when trying to keep up with your followers’ comments and direct messages.

If you’re worried about this, it is important to keep in mind that Instagram users (especially local shoppers) appreciate those who are quick at responding! In fact, if you do not respond to customers at all and ignore their comments or messages, it may give them a negative opinion of your business. This is one of the top Instagram mistakes to avoid if you want your successful and growing business to stay on the right path.

Do not ignore the importance of hashtags

Hashtags are a huge part of successful Instagram marketing for businesses of all sizes, but especially local businesses that are trying to grow. They help users find posts similar to their own and can also provide a great way for your business’ account to become discovered by new potential customers! For this reason, it is important that you do not ignore the importance of hashtags when using Instagram for local businesses as they have been proven to be extremely effective!

When considering which hashtags to use for your post, be sure to look at the number of public posts that use the hashtags. You can also search these hashtags in Instagram’s search bar to see what kind of content falls under the category. If you use a lot of hashtags, make sure that they are at the bottom of your captions so that they do not distract your audience from reading your actual post. This is yet another big Instagram mistake to avoid if you want to be successful.

Don’t post the same content over and over again

If you want to be successful on Instagram, then it is important for your posts to stand out! This means that your posts should be unique and not the same thing every time but in a slightly different style. In order to avoid posting the same content over and over again (as well as using a lot of similar hashtags), you should consider hosting giveaways or creating coupons and discounts exclusive for Instagram users.

Through these types of posts you will be able to connect with your followers in a different way and also boost new interest for future Instagram posts. As far as Instagram mistakes to avoid go, this is a big one because you do not want your audience to get bored of your profile and go looking for your competition. Keep them as engaged as possible and create content specifically for this platform.

Do not buy fake followers to boost your account’s numbers up

It is important to remember that buying Instagram followers can be very dangerous for your local business’ account. While a high number of Instagram users might look great at first glance, it’s not actually all that beneficial in the long term. In fact, if you buy Instagram followers and other people find out about this unethical business practice then it may actually hurt your business’ reputation and Instagram engagement.

One of the best ways to avoid this mistake is by looking at how many likes each post receives compared with its number of followers. If you find that most posts have a very low amount of likes, then it’s likely that something fishy is going on behind-the-scenes. If you do find that your account has a lot of fake followers, it is important to get them removed as soon as possible so that your real engagement will be boosted instead.

When considering Instagram mistakes to avoid for local businesses, remember these tips and tricks! Instagram can be an extremely effective marketing tool if used correctly but the platform alone does not guarantee success. You have to put in the time and effort for Instagram marketing, just like you would with any other type of marketing tactic that your local business uses!