In our current world, nearly everyone uses the internet in some way, shape, or form. The internet has absolutely taken over our lives in some senses because we often cannot live without it. Whether people like to admit it or not, the internet makes many aspects of life easier. We can find places to eat, get answers to burning questions, look for some quick entertainment, and much more with a device that can be held in the palm of our hand. The internet does a lot of things for us, but it does even more for advertisers.

The way that the internet helps advertisers the most is by allowing them to get their products or services in front of many eyes at a high rate. To do this, advertisers often utilize search ads to influence our decisions. Google is the best and most common platform to use for these search ads because of the billions of searches that are conducted each month. There are some browsers that get a lot of traffic, but none are even close to Google’s numbers. Luckily, Google Search ads can be a huge help for your local business. Here is how to take advantage of Google Search ads!

How to take advantage of Google Search ads

Set a budget that works for you

One of the most business-friendly things about Google Search ads is the fact that you can bring any budget to the table and still use the platform. Google Search ads is considered Pay-Per-Click advertising, which means that you have to pay a different price each time a user clicks on your link. The price of each click depends on the volume of searches for your selected keyword. If the volume of searches is very high, each click can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, you can set a maximum amount that you would like to spend on each click in the Google Search ads platform. This can leave you assured that you will not overspend, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Create enticing ads

When creating ads, it is essential to include the most important information in the headline. When you make a search, Google holds a bidding auction for relevant search ads. If your ad is picked, it will show up before the actual results with an “ad” tag in front of it. For example, if you are own an auto store and someone searches for “best auto store near me”, you will want your Google Search ads to contain information that will persuade them to purchase from you. This information can include current special deals, hours, location, and much more.

In order to gain more success, you will always want to include a call to action in your ads. A call to action is a request for the user to do what you want so you can accomplish your goal. By doing these things, you are more likely to get a better return on investment for your ad spend.

Make ads for different stages of the buyer’s journey

While contemplating how to take advantage of Google Search ads, you should consider creating ads for different stages of the buyer’s journey. Depending on how someone phrases their search terms can show where they are in the buying process. If they are doing their initial research, your ads should aim to introduce them to your company. If they are ready to purchase something, you should tailor your ads to that by including specifics about products, your special deals, and other important calls to action.

Launch ads for different purposes

If you are thinking that Google Search ads can only influence potential customers to purchase from you, you will be surprised about its other capabilities. Another important use for Google Ads is to help you build incredibly important brand awareness. Building your brand awareness can become the foundation of your business if you do it correctly. Any business wants customers to know that they care about customers and would do anything to satisfy them. You can include your tagline and your slogan in your Google Search ads to help you build brand awareness.

Google Search ads experts

It is needless to say at this point, but Google Search ads can be an incredibly positive resource for your local business. If you need help with how to take advantage of Google Search ads, Focused Engagement can do just that! We are experts on creating the best Google Search ads that will keep you at the top of search engine results pages. Contact us today because we would be more than happy to help you see how we can help your local business take the next step!