For fans of marketing automation, the month of September is going to be a fun one. That’s because marketing automation is our theme of the month! We will be creating various content that has to do with different aspects of marketing automation, starting with this blog post. We’ll also be doing our Focused On The Road YouTube videos as well as our Focused Fridays Facebook Live events every week. Follow us on these platforms and keep checking back throughout every week for new content that follows our theme.

At Focused Engagement, marketing automation is one of our most popular and specialized services. We are experts in this discipline and will help you get proven and measurable results. Our strategy is unique for each client and allows us to help optimize your workflow depending on your needs. You may be curious what marketing automation actually is, so here is a page that explains our services well.

Online chat is a big part of marketing automation. This feature can do a lot for your business, including give your customers confidence to contact you with their questions. When you automate this, customers can get answers at any time, regardless if someone is there to answer or not. Here are some tips on how to automate online chat and what it can do for your business.

How to automate online chat

As discussed in our recent episode of Focused Fridays, utilizing online chat can do wonderful things for your business. It helps with your customer engagement by giving customers a preferred method of communication while helping them view your business and allowing you to be helpful and supportive of them. You can set this chat up so that you can be the one replying to every potential customer, or you can automate the process. Here are some tips on how to automate online chat and utilize it!

Evaluate your needs

Before doing anything else, you should decide if online chat is the right tool for you. For example, a business that hardly utilizes their website may be less likely to need online chat than a business who thrives solely because of their website. If you do believe that you need online chat or automated chatbots, we suggest finding a software that looks good to you and trying a tutorial before integrating and revamping your website. This could save you a lot of time and effort if it does not end up working out for you. Learn about SharpSpring, Focused Engagement’s preferred online chat platform, below!

Use SharpSpring

This choice should be a given at this point. Online chat has many benefits for your business, and SharpSpring is one of the best options available now. It is affordable and has a plethora of features that will positively impact your business. One of the best things about SharpSpring is that it has the ability to integrate with various platforms seamlessly. SharpSpring also works very well on its own with a plethora of features.

If you want to go with the live chat option, integrate SharpSpring with communication platform Slack. You will be notified whenever someone is waiting to live chat and can even chat with them from your mobile device. If you would rather have a fully automated chatbot, SharpSpring can do that too. You can program your own bot through SharpSpring’s software, making for extremely personal customization. There is also the possibility of having both live chat and automated chat, making SharpSpring the best possible choice for your chat needs.

Focus on personalization

Whether you have decided on a fully automated chatbot, full live chat, or a mix of both, you should focus on personalization at least a little bit. When looking at an online chat option, people are more likely to use it if their name is shown. This is because even though they don’t know who, if anyone, is behind the chat service, it makes them feel good to be recognized by name. Another way to personalize your chat whether it is live or fully automated is to analyze what customers say about your brand. You can also study previous conversations and develop standard answers for common questions. These answers can be programmed into your automated chatbot or written down for your live chat representatives and will help ease customer worries.

Let us help you!

Are you convinced that you need marketing automation services to help with your online chat? Consider us at Focused Engagement! We have plenty of experience with many satisfied clients regarding our marketing automation and online chat and chatbot customization. Visit our marketing automation and services pages for more information. Contact us today to get started!