Over the course of the month of December, Focused Engagement has been focused on discussing our brilliant customer engagement strategy. We fully believe in our strategy and we wanted to share more information about it with those that feel like it could help them. In fact, our strategy has helped many local businesses gain notoriety, new opportunities, interested users, new customers, and customers that continue to return and purchase from them. We are always working to refine our strategy and make it as effective and efficient as possible.  

While discussing our customer engagement strategy, we have been talking about each part of it. The first blog post in this series was a general overview of the strategy and what it can do. The second part was focused on how our customer engagement strategy can help increase your brand loyalty. In this installment of our customer engagement strategy series, we will be talking about lead generation forms and bot technology. Learn more about how these techniques can help your local business grow and reach its potential!

Lead generation forms and local business

Lead generation forms are a customer engagement strategy that is somewhat common for a variety of businesses to use. The difference is that we do it better. We develop forms that are specific to your website for your specific purpose. If you are looking to make a form for your home page, we can do that for you. We can create a form for anything that you need us to due to our expertise and extensive experience. Our lead generation forms also allow us to collect analytics. These analytics help us to determine the best way to proceed with your customer engagement strategy. We do the groundwork so your local business can be successful with a useful lead generation form.

It is a fact that one of the biggest ways that a local business can bring in new customers is by utilizing lead generation forms. Lead generation forms should always have a purpose for your customers and for your business. By collecting data that your potential customers willingly give you, you have the ability to refine your marketing efforts and display ads that will directly influence them. If you have struggled to figure out what your most effective target demographic is, lead generation forms can help you. Lead generation forms also provide remarketing potential. This can come in handy if the potential customer is someone who is harder to attract to your business. We give you all the information about the potential customer, and then use it to remarket to them. This helps us attempt to get them to interact with your local business.

Bot technology and local business

At Focused Engagement, we have a passion for bot technology. We enjoy utilizing it in the best way possible for your individual business. As with lead generation forms, we personalize our bot technology to fit your business and your specific needs and goals. Our strategy is not one-size-fits-all, it is built to be a perfect fit for your situation.

Bot technology can really benefit a local business for many reasons. We have discussed this concept in a few of our other blog posts and they will provide a bit more background on what bot technology is and what it can be used for. As a business owner, you are likely to be busy all day every day. Because you are so busy, you may not have time to answer every message that an interested person or loyal customer sends you. That is where bot technology can step in and help!

Focused Engagement has experts that can program the perfect bot for you, whether you want it for your website, your Facebook page, or somewhere else. These bots are responsive and can even be fitted with customer answers to common questions that you may get from customers. Plus, you also have the ability to takeover for the bot if you need to expand on any details. A bot has the ability to respond to customers at any time, even during random times of the night when you may be asleep. Bot technology, when programmed right, is like an employee that always works around the clock.

We can help you!

After learning even more about our customer engagement strategy, we hope that you are ready to take the leap today! It is obvious how much lead generation forms and bot technology forms can help you, and there is no better day than today to get started with them. Please contact us with any more questions you may have, we would love to help you and get you started down this customer engagement strategy path.