October is over, which means that our topic of the month of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is nearly complete. Before our coverage ends, we have one more subtopic to cover: how geotargeted ads benefit a local business. If you are unfamiliar with these types of ads, you are about to get really familiar with them. Geotargeting ads are important for a local business that wants to bring those close to them in for a visit. These types of ads have a lot of benefits for local businesses, including some that may be surprising to you. Here is an explanation of geotargeting ads as well as the benefits of geotargeting ads for local businesses.

What are geotargeted ads?

Geotargeted ads are ads that show up on a person’s device when they are in a certain area or show certain behaviors. This process is not random because the advertiser can set the radius that the ad will show in. This way, they have the best chance of bringing nearby customers into their business. For example, if you are in Salt Lake City near 400 South and State Street, you could get advertisements from local businesses. You may see ads for The Green Pig, Twist, Red Lotus, and others if you are near and fit the behavior profile. Geotargeted ads can also be activated for certain parts of the day, including lunch or dinner for restaurants that want to bring customers inside.

How geotargeted ads benefit A Local business

Extremely relevant content

One of the top benefits of geotargeted marketing is the potential for extremely relevant content. As mentioned before, the whole purpose of geotargeting is to get people that are in your chosen area to visit your business. These ads are similar to others in that you can put whatever content you want into them, including content that is based on things that the people you are targeting enjoy. It is a good idea to use the information that you know about your target audience to create the most topically and geographically relevant ads. For example, if you own a restaurant and you know that your audience loves your empanadas, you can run a lunch special and watch them flock to your doors.  

Ads can be hidden from competitors

If you are a business that is in a very competitive industry, you probably have had issues with your competitors taking your customers at least once before. This could be due to many factors including better advertising or better deals that you have not been able to compete with. But when you take advantage of geotargeted advertising, you have the ability to exclude your competitor’s location(s) from your target area so that they cannot see your ads. This is a strategic technique that may be hard for the competitor to crack and could possibly lead to you getting back some of the customers that you have lost to them. We recommend trying this out and seeing if it has an impact on how many customers you receive.   

Increased return on investment

The beauty of investing in geotargeted ads is the high success rate and return on investment that is possible. The ROI of geotargeted ads is high because you are targeting people that are near your business with awareness. These ads can be the final nudge that these potential customers may need before they choose to visit you. Rather than focusing on a huge area for your ads, geotargeted ads allow you to quickly choose your area and then focus on the actual content of the ads and make it even more effective than you would if you were targeting a bigger area.

Better event promotion

A lesser-known benefit of geotargeting ads is the possibility of better event promotion for your business. You have probably been online and seen advertisements for events, only to find out that they are very far away. But if you could see events that are close to your location, it may push you to actually attend them. With geotargeted ads, you can include more details about your events and market to people that are nearby and interested. This will likely result in greater turnouts than if you simply targeted a huge general area.

Need some help?

The ways how geotargeted ads benefit a local business are obvious at this point. If you are ready to get started on these game changing ads, let us help you! At Focused Engagement we specialize in many PPC advertising methods. These methods include display ads, retargeting ads, Google Search ads, and geotargeting ads. We can help you make a big difference in the community and become a force for years to come. Contact us today!