Information and Ranking Guide

You may have noticed whenever you search on Google, each place has a shortlist of three business listings related to your search. With their algorithm, Google displays the best three matches that it finds for your search criteria. You don’t need to perform any other action to show a local map along with the search listings in the SERP. All the requisite information is included within the Google Map Pack itself. In addition, if these listed businesses have any online reviews, they will also get displayed. This is incredibly important for information and ranking purposes.

Features of Google Local Pack

Understanding the features of Google Local Pack is crucial. The Google Map Pack has several listing features like:

  • Brand Name – Your brand’s name is mandatory for a successful online marketing campaign on Google Maps. This allows for Google to catalog your business name and display it in its SERPs according to relevance.
  • Description – You must have your brand’s profile available in Google My Business. The more detailed the description is, the higher the rating Google will allot to your brand.
  • Business Information – There is a NAP concept (name, address, phone number, etc.). These details are extremely important as they indicate your business’s reliability and play a great role for Google Maps to rank companies like yours.
  • Directions – Directions and location on Google Maps not only displays and pinpoints where your brand can be found physically but also displays the available routes to your address.
  • Reviews – People searching businesses for your keywords would also want to know how reliable the business is before choosing any product or service from it. Naturally, if there are reviews present for your brand, the chances are that you will be chosen more readily by the user.

These features will contribute to making your business a widespread success and help your target customers locate you easily.

Importance of Google Local Pack

In almost all searches on Google, we find Google Maps Pack, also known as the Local Pack, in the results. It has also been found that whenever the Google Local Pack is displayed, most users usually ignore other search results and click directly on the Google Local Pack result. The concise yet complete business information displayed for any Google Local Pack SERP is what makes the Google Local Pack so important.

How to rank in the Google Local Pack

While getting into the top three search results in Google may be easier for less competitive markets, it can be a lot harder for the more complex ones.

  • You must use apt-key phrases in the description so that your brand gets a good ranking on Google’s local search.
  • You should always try to find out how your site is ranked on the SERP list.
  • A well use accurate analysis tools as rank checkers.
  • Try to find out how well on the results page your brand is ranked for particularly targeted queries.
  • Create a Google my business (GMB) account to get listed on the Google map pack.
  • Make sure the new website is well optimized for local SEO, with ample link-building scope.

Getting a high Google Map Pack ranking

The primary steps to getting ranked by Google Map Pack are:

  • Good Location – The closer you are to a more centralized and densely populated area, the better business you can expect to get. Naturally, a business address at a more centralized location has better chances of being ranked among the top 3 Google Map Pack SERPs results.
  • Sign Up for Google My Business – This is one of the most important things to do. Claim your business and get it verified as the owner or authorized representative. Register your business right away as the longer you are on Google My Business, the higher your ranking potential. Check the GMB base to locate a suitable brand name. If your brand isn’t listed, create one. Use your Gmail profile to do this and manage it.
  • Optimize your Google My Business Profile – The GMB profile listing system is the best way to get ranked on Google. Here are a few things for you to do:
    • Make sure you have entered your name, address, phone number, and other requisite details accurately. After all, you want your users to find you for their search instead of others.
    • Always keep your description well optimized. Use keywords and phrases which you can most expect your users and potential customers to use in their search.
    • Make your description as informative as possible and include as many keywords as you can find related and relevant to your business and niche.
    • NAP data is extremely important. Always ensure that what you mention on Google or GMB is the same as what you have already mentioned on your website. Any change in one place must be followed by modifying the other accordingly.
    • Add all the reviews you can. However, make sure that they are all authentic. Do not try purchasing fake reviews because this can have a negative effect on your business. Be sure of one thing: almost all potential customers will check these reviews before selecting you, your brand, your products or your services.
    • Use relevant images, as many of them as you can add. Adding images of your products and services is also a very good thing to do.
    • Optimize your website – Optimizing your website for local search and mobile is a great thing to do. The more relevant your site, the better is the chance for it to get ranked on Google. Google also considers distance while allotting a rank to any listing. Another thing to remember about Google is that they consider how well-known your brand is when ranking you in SERPs.

Optimize the Google Map Pack

Here is a small list of tips to make it easier for you to get into the Google Map Pack if you adhere to them:

  • Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.
  • A fully responsive website is more accepted than one that doesn’t support all platforms.
  • Try to make sure that you have Voice-First integrations on your website.
  • Always use only the right and recommended features.
  • To optimize local search, use Google My Business to its fullest potential.
  • Include as many relevant and useful photos as you can of both your business and your products or services.
  • Provide accurate details and information about your website.
  • Try to get customers to provide positive reviews and feedback and display them on your GMB.
  • Offer the best and top-of-the-line products and services to your clients.
  • Make sure your website has been optimized for the best user experience possible.
  • A user-friendly website coupled with a great service or product will always get positive publicity.


When it comes to information and ranking, you should make it a goal to try being present in the top 3 results always. To ensure much better sales figures, always try being on Google Maps Pack for the best and most efficient ways to get a much larger visit from potential local customers.

In short, remember that if your site and business make it to the Google Map Pack, you will find an increase in your sales, income, and your business will prosper much better than ever. This is important to focus on and should be a key point for your business if you want to succeed in your local area!