We are back yet again with a brand new Focused On The Road. In the eight edition of the series, Bo discusses responding to customer reviews. No matter if it is positive or negative, a review can help your business in many ways. Follow us on social media @focusengage and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative marketing content!

Focused On The Road Episode 8 Transcript:

Hey, this is Bo with Focused Engagement. Last time we spoke – Oh, by the way, I fixed that whole sun part right here. All I had to do is drop my little shade visor. You got to love low tech solutions to high tech problems. So anyway, last time we spoke about online reviews and how to get reviews. And, as promised today, we’re going to talk about responding to reviews.

First question is what reviews should you respond to? The answer is all of them. I don’t care if it’s positive or negative, man. It don’t matter. Respond to the reviews. There are two reasons why. First, let’s talk about the positive reviews, because that’s the key. It gives you an opportunity to obviously thank the reviewer. And by the way, when you do this, don’t just say, especially if it was a really good heartfelt review, don’t just say thanks for the review. In fact, there are some solutions out there that will just automatically respond, and those are the kinds of responses they give. You might as well not even respond if that’s what you’re going to do.

I’ve talked to people that have left reviews and it has actually upset them to get that kind of response. So, do a more heartfelt thank you. It only takes a few seconds and maybe two or three minutes and you can outsource it and that’s us. But by doing that, you give the opportunity to thank that reviewer.

Let’s throw a little bit of SEO in this. If you’ve mentioned the products or the services that they used, even if they don’t, it gives Google one more thing to crawl through and see what it is you do. So take advantage of that.

Second reason for the negative review. So those are obviously arguably more important. I don’t know, I think they’re both important. So, negative review gives you the opportunity to explain your side in a very positive way. Don’t ever argue with the reviewer. And if you were in the wrong, admit it. We all screw up. We’re not perfect. By admitting that you’re wrong and mentioning how you’re going to fix it, you may not turn that one negative reviewer all the way away from your business.

I’ve seen that happen. I’ve seen somebody turn a negative review into a positive experience and turned that negative customer into a raving fan. It is possible to do if you’re very serious about improving your business, which I hope you’re all serious about. Hopefully you can turn that experience around, but even if you can’t and you can never please everybody.

The idea is somebody that is reading your reviews and seeing the things you want to use. You use your product or buy your products from you or use your services. They’re going to read that and they want to know how you respond. Here’s my philosophy: a great company is not defined by how well they treat you, how well they treat their customers with everything goes well. A great company is defined by what they do when things don’t go well.

When I’m looking for a new company, I go to reviews. First thing I do is sort by negative reviews and a lot of people do this. I want to read the positive reviews of course, but I really want to know how that company handles negative experiences because that to me is going to define what kind of company they are.

I have seen companies in my industry argue with reviewers and they just look petty and they look small. And people reading that says, “Well, I don’t want to use this”. You could say I have no clue. I’m not a mind reader. That’d be cool though. But, it is more likely than somebody is reading that.

It’s going to say, “I don’t want to use this company because of things go wrong. All they’re going to do is blame me”. Right? They’re not going to try to fix the problem. So while you always want those positive reviews, in my mind negative reviews are better opportunity for you.

You don’t get a lot of them, you get one or two negative reviews is not the end of the world. It gives you a great opportunity to fix the problem and try to turn it around with that particular customer. You can show the world, or at least your small part of the world, the company you are and how you handle those negative results. So respond to all reviews whether they are positive or negative man.

It don’t matter; one star to five star, respond to them. If you struggle responding to them, if you feel like you’re going to argue while responding to them, have somebody else do it for you. Get your side of the story. Write up that review and obviously you’ll always want to read over and make sure that you’re happy with it and get a response.

This will help you increase your exposure. It’ll help potential customers that want to use you feel more comfortable that you are a good business. And ultimately it’s going to increase your business, which is what this is all about: getting more business. So till next time, this is Bo with Focused Engagement. Have a great day.