Focused On The Road episode 15 is available on YouTube now! Earlier this week, we talked with Anthony from Red Lotus Bistro. Anthony was enthusiastic to share the history of his business, how long he has been a restaurant owner, as well as some of the most popular dishes at Red Lotus Bistro. You can find Red Lotus Bistro at 329 South State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Focused On The Road Episode 15 Transcript

This is Bo with Focused Engagement. Today is Wednesday and this is normally our Focused On The Road video. We are actually doing it, I guess; technically we’re still on the road. We are at Red Lotus Bistro in Salt Lake City. We’re talking to Anthony, the owner.

I’m excited because this is the first time I’ve interviewed a restaurant owner and I love to eat. So this is a good one for me.

Bo: So, Anthony, what got you into the restaurant business in the first place?

Anthony: Great question. Me and my family has been in this business for over 30 years. This is our second restaurant that me and my siblings have opened up. We used to have a restaurant up in Millcreek and we decided to bring our taste and our delicious food into downtown.

Bo: I got to tell you, speaking of delicious food, my wife is extremely picky. She’s not a big Chinese food lover. But, we were downtown and I said, “Hey, let’s come over. You’ll love this place”. She didn’t want to come, but she came anyway and tried chicken fried rice and she loved it. In fact, she’s always saying, “Hey, when are we going back?” So yes, I would absolutely agree. Food is delicious. I’ve yet to have anything here, and I probably had everything on the menu, that I haven’t liked. Tell me about your chicken wings that you just came out with.

Anthony: Oh, our chicken wings is one of our creations that we just barely started about a week and a half ago. We have a garlic butter and our Saigon signature wings. Very, very tasty. I suggest that anybody that come in to try that out for appetizers.

Bo: Tell me about the sauce. What’s your sauce?

Anthony: It’s very similar to our sauce that you dip it with our garlic butter.

Bo: What’s in it?

Anthony: Oh, that’s our secret. Unless you work here, you know, I can’t tell you. All I can say is it’s delicious.

Bo: So what would you say is your most popular item?

Anthony: Ooh, with the winter that’s coming up, I would definitely say our pho is our biggest seller and that’s personally one of my biggest favorites.

Bo: Oh yeah, it’s delicious. So appetizer wise, what’s the most popular appetizer?

Anthony: Cream cheese wantons. Wantons took over our restaurant. That’s like our guests’ favorite. If I wasn’t warning a mask you could see me drooling right now.

Bo: Wantons are delicious, but for me personally, it’s your eggrolls.

Anthony: Oh good. We’re trying to get everybody like everything.

Bo: So my favorite item on the menu right now is the noodle bowl. And it’s got the pieces of the pork and eggroll. Thank you. It has pieces of the egg roll in it and yeah, it’s just my absolute favorite.

So if you’re downtown, even if you’re not downtown, make a trip downtown, come check out Red Lotus Bistro. You will not be disappointed. Thanks and till next Wednesday, have a good day.