In today’s Focused On The Road episode, Bo continues our weekly topic of video creation. Video creation is incredibly important for marketing and local businesses because it is a very versatile method that helps keep the attention of your target audience. You can also use video creation techniques in marketing automation, social media, and more. Learn more about our focus of the month, which is our full service digital marketing services, at the link.

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Focused On The Road Episode 10 Transcript

Hi, this is Bo with Focused Engagement. I think it’s Wednesday – let’s just go with Wednesday 2020. I’m driving into work and this Focused On The Road is actually about video creation. That’s, you know, fantastic since I’m doing a video right now.

So video creation for digital marketing for locals businesses. I would actually say for local businesses, it’s absolutely fantastic. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be expensive. I got a little camera, I set it on my dashboard, I record on my way in. I do have a Kyle who edits all my videos. But even if you don’t have Kyle, there’s lots of ways to edit video.

There’s a great program called Camtasia, I think it’s a one time fee. And it’s kind of like an Adobe Premiere light that works really, really well. It’s easy to use and allows you to edit your videos perfectly fine on your own. So cameras on your phones today are probably as good as what I’m using right now.

The really only reason why I bought a camera is I wanted the stabilizing feature. This one video camera when I tried it with my phone and then it was going like this. So you’d have to watch the whole time you go like that. And I try to watch it and I got a little car sick, so I got one with some motion stabilizing to it.

But that’s not necessary. Basic video does not have to be expensive. So I highly recommend you start doing video now with everything. It’s all about consistency. You don’t do one and then go “Alright, I’m done”. Do it constantly. Start a vlog like I’m doing, do Facebook Live, YouTube Live. You’ll start getting an audience and it will start building.

So, how can you use video? Well, video is beautiful because it is so versatile. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a video is worth a thousand pictures, so you can really tell a story very well with video. It works great on websites.

One of the nice things about on a website is last week, we talked about bounce rate. Videos tend to keep it bounce rates low because people stop and watch it at least for a little while, they stay on your page longer. They stay on your page longer and your bounce rate goes down. Your bounce rate goes down and Google sees that as a better page on Google. Your organic reach increases and you’ll go up in the search engine result page. A great way to use a video is YouTube, because YouTube obviously eats video up. It is a video platform. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn eats video up. These social media videos are great for social media reach.

One way that I love to use video is actually in my marketing automation. Marketing automation is one of the things that we absolutely excel at. I love marketing automation. I love being able to work smarter, not harder. I like to be able to set things in motion that automatically takes care of my email marketing and outreach and things like that.

So you can actually create it. You can actually add video to your emails and you send it out. When I send a video email, it’s got at least a 50%, if not closer to probably 70% higher open rate or click rate than a standard email. When I sent in any email with the video, people are more likely to click the call to action that I’ve put in that email than they are if it’s just a text email.

And when I say it sends an email, I actually have a thumbnail, whatever it is. So one of the cool things I like to do is I’ll create a personal email in my outreach. And I use a program called Kyle, put that right here. So, you can record your screen. You can record and you can take it and you can share it.

You can get a thumbnail and the video and you can insert it into your email and use it for even your cold outreach. That’s a way that I like to reach out to my leads rather than a warm or cold leads to break the ice, to get the ball rolling, to communicate with me. The nice thing is when you’re using something like you can actually see how many times it was viewed.

When you’re doing personal emails, you don’t want to throw them up on YouTube or even make them private. There’s always a possibility that somebody will see it. Obviously it was a private email or a private message, and it was probably nothing nefarious, but you know, you still don’t want it out for everybody to listen to.

To put it on, use a program like vidyard. You don’t have to worry about that. And then you could see it, you know, you can get a pop up when somebody viewed it so I know that it’s been viewed. And then I know if I should reach out to them or not. So email is a great way to use video.

Website’s a great way to use video. Social media is a great way to use video. Video in general is a great marketing tool for your business. It allows you to really showcase your products or services.

Now I don’t do any scripts as you can tell. I get a lot of “ums”, sometimes I ramble. I do everything off the top of my head. Just what I’m thinking. But you can do it scripted. You can get a professional, and I’m gonna see if I can’t get my professional that I use when I do my real videos, my serious videos. I’m going to see if I can’t get him on for a Focused Friday on my Facebook Live. So I’ll introduce Kevin, who is my videographer.

So you can hire somebody like Kevin, or you can hire us and we can script it out and we can do a really good, serious video. We can do it in 35 millimeter or 4K quality to give it a really good quality. And there’s a place for that. There’s a place for videos like this. There’s a place for all videos.

All I guess I can recommend is create a video plan in your digital marketing for your business and utilize it in as many areas as you can because it is so effective. And you’re walking around town and you’re walking around your office, do it tonight.

I’m going up to a client to do a Facebook Live for, they’re an interior designer. They’re going to talk about interior design. So we plan on doing that once a month. It’s a new program I got going for them. So it’ll be fantastic. I’m really excited. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Utilize video every way you can, and you will increase your business.

You will increase your exposure on your website. You’ll increase leads, you’ll nurture those leads, you’ll get more customers, and ultimately you’ll make more money. So this is Bo with Focused Engagement and have a wonderful day.