Digital Marketing during Coronavirus

As the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unfold daily, most industries have been affected. Due to numerous industries being affected, nearly all forms of marketing have been impacted. From budget cuts to employee layoffs, our way of life has been flipped on its head in many ways. Even the biggest companies out there have felt the ripple effects from this unprecedented event. Digital marketing during Coronavirus is definitely not easy, but we have tips to help you. But even in the wake of this crisis, there are still things that your marketing departments can do to have a positive effect on your business and customers. 


Respond to the pandemic

By now, everyone understands how severe this particular event is and will continue to be. If a core customer of your business doesn’t see you respond, that may leave a bad taste in their mouth. Customers enjoy seeing companies that they support speak out on current issues and show that they really care. If you do not respond, they may even forget you exist when everything returns to normal. Even if it is small, any response to the pandemic is a good one. Don’t just stay silent during this time.  

Show that you care about more than money

Communication is always key in any business, but it is arguably more important now than ever. Customers are the lifeblood of businesses and they may not be able to spend as much right now. However, you should show them that you care about what is going on and about their situation. If you do, they are likely to return and give you business when everything has settled back down. Follow-up messages are also a good strategy for continuously showing customers that you care in the midst of the pandemic. 

Adjust content across all channels

If the crisis hit while you were in the middle of an important marketing campaign, there’s no need to panic. At this stage, this isn’t something that is avoidable for anyone. It has a wide reach, but also room for opportunity even if it messes up your current marketing strategy. Depending on your campaign/content, adjustments could be made in order to salvage the campaign. Edit your content to reflect that you are aware of what is going on and that you are here for your consumers rather than focused solely on your current campaign.


Downplay the pandemic

As mentioned before, this pandemic is a serious event and one that will be remembered for years to come. If you decide to respond by downplaying the severity of the virus or its effect, you may receive severe backlash and monetary loss. It is almost guaranteed that some companies will not survive this crisis, but it is even less likely they survive if they are insensitive.

Promise something you can’t deliver

Oftentimes as a business faces adversity, they attempt to create marketing campaigns that end up promising things that are unrealistic or that they cannot deliver. Some of these things include enhanced services, a better product, or monetary support to their community. If you are desperate for more customers but know that you can’t provide enhanced services, do not promise them to your customers during this time. Failing to deliver, especially when a lot of money is involved, can be fatal for your business prospects now and in the future.   

Try to profit off the pandemic

Unless you are an essential business during this difficult time, it is best to not attempt to raise your profits and capitalize on the crisis. Profiteering will make you look bad as consumers attempt to recover from this unprecedented event. This will also make you look greedy, unreliable, and uncompassionate. Do your best to help your remaining customers instead of gouge their pockets.  

Making it through

Regardless of how difficult this time is, there are still things that you can do to retain and potentially gain customers. Digital marketing during Coronavirus is a challenge, but Focused Engagement sincerely wishes you the best and hopes that you find the tips above helpful as you try to navigate this storm. For those affected, here is additional information on Coronavirus resources.