No matter which stage of business ownership you are in, customer engagement should be a priority. But in order to get the customer engagement that your business should be striving for, you must develop your own or incorporate a customer engagement strategy. This strategy will be the guiding force for how you get people to engage with you. It will also dictate how you respond to their engagement to keep them interested. A customer engagement strategy is an essential part of any local business for good reason. It does not matter what industry they are in or what they offer to customers.

Customer engagement strategy for local business is something that Focused Engagement specializes in. We love working with local businesses and promoting growth in the local community. We do this by helping the businesses gain more customers and then engaging with those customers properly. At Focused Engagement, we have developed our own customer engagement strategy that is available via our skilled and experienced team. Our strategy is personalized to fit the needs of each local business that we work with. It isn’t a generic strategy and it will help each company excel in their industry. Here is an overview of our customer engagement strategy for local business!

Customer engagement strategy for local business

The customer engagement strategy that Focused Engagement has developed is different from others because it is data driven and analytically based. By using customer analytics and insights, we are able to create memorable brand experiences that will keep customers coming back to you. Our customer engagement strategy is based on three different parts: customized lead generation forms, bot technology, and hyper-personalized email experiences. Each of these innovations are proprietary and utilized exclusively by Focused Engagement.

Lead generation forms

During your countless sessions of browsing the internet, you have likely come across a lead generation form or two without even being aware of it. To put it simply, a lead generation form is a form that users fill out that allows a business to gain access to their name, email, phone number, age, or whatever other information that the form asks for. This information can then be used to remarket towards them in hopes of gaining a new customer.

At Focused Engagement, we are experts at crafting the perfect lead generation forms that fit your business. Our forms are meant to give your potential customers something that is valuable to them, perhaps information they are seeking. Another purpose is to allow your business to gain a new lead to pursue. For example, on our retail digital marketing webpage we have a lead generation form that we use while allowing our potential clients to download our digital marketing eBook. This form allows us to gain more valuable information on potential clients and give them a very valuable resource.

Bot technology

If you are not already aware, bot technology can be a revolutionary part of a customer engagement strategy for local business. Bot technology is revolutionary because it allows you to program your website or Facebook page with a bot that will automatically answer basic inquiries from people who are interested in your business. With this bot technology, you also have the ability to step in and begin responding at any time. The bot can answer the basic questions and you can answer the more specific ones if need be, making it a low risk and effective option for your customer engagement strategy.

Bots are one of our favorite strategies to work with simply because of the versatility and amazing abilities that they have. We have written plenty of blog posts on how our bot technology can help a local business, so please check it out and then contact us to get started with your very own useful bot today!

Personalized email experiences

When you visit a website, you are often prompted to enter your email right away or when you are about to purchase something. After giving the website your email, you begin getting flooded with generic emails that do not engage with you. But at Focused Engagement, we do these marketing emails differently. We recognize that generic marketing emails from companies that you are not that interested in are boring, so that is why we use the information gathered from customers as mentioned above to personalize these emails.            

By personalizing these emails, we show your potential customers the content that they actually care about. Personalization is an important aspect of getting customers to click on your emails and interact with your site, so be sure to contact us today to get started with these emails.