Coronavirus continues to affect everyone daily. Citizens are affected by the risk of getting sick, unemployment, the actions of others, and the uncertainty of the future. Companies, large and local, are being affected by purchasing behavior changes, customer fear, and the economic downturn. Coronavirus marketing responses have become a part of our daily lives, with many companies attempting them. 

Even though many companies are being affected, many are working in new ways to overcome this adversity. Companies are launching new campaigns that make light of the situation in a clever way. These new campaigns also promote their business and show customers that they care. Many of these campaigns, found below, have been effective, funny, and clever. Many marketing professionals are working harder than ever right now and it shows.

coronavirus marketing responses

No matter what industry you work/do business in, you have been touched by this pandemic. For the few industries that are able to conduct business normally, there may not be as big of an effect. For most, it is noticeable and that is why we must become even more creative in response to this event. 


Banking has been hit hard by Coronavirus, but it has shown a lot of resiliency. JP Morgan Chase has created a new ad that shows how their wealth management advisors are adapting to the challenges of working from home. The company reiterates that even through it all, they are still here for us and want to take care of our finances.
Panera Bread and Patagonia

While they aren’t necessarily known for selling groceries, these brands have jumped into the business during COVID-19’s wake. Patagonia has expanded their Patagonia Provisions line, which sells popular outdoors foods including grains, jerky, etc. to include grocery store options including fruits, popcorn, coconut oil, etc. Panera, in addition to their normal menu items, has expanded to offer Panera Grocery. Their grocery line allows customers to order items such as milk, bread, and produce to go with their menu items. These changes are a good example of showing care for their customers during a difficult experience.


As you may know, Coca-Cola is known for having fun and playful social media accounts. But in a time that isn’t the best for humorous campaigns, the company has decided to donate their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to philanthropic organizations. These organizations, including American Red Cross, Feeding America, and Boys & Girls Club, will use the Coca-Cola accounts to reach a larger audience and gather more support for relief efforts.


In a heartwarming move, popular hardware store Lowe’s has created a new ad that focuses on giving thanks to healthcare workers. The ad showcases do-it-yourself thank you signs created by customers in support of healthcare workers. Instead of focusing on selling the company’s many products, the ad showcases their community role and image. The :30 spot is airing on TV this week, and you can check this Twitter thread out for more of the amazing signs.

Do’s and Don’ts

While this is a very difficult time and something that was hard to predict, there are still ways for companies to market effectively, respectfully, and creatively. In case you missed it, check out our previous blog post that details some of the do’s and don’ts for marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Focused Engagement sincerely wishes you the best during this extremely difficult time.