Last week, we published a blog post about some of the content types that you should not be posting on your company’s social media accounts. Some of this content includes poorly written content, complaints about competitors, negative content, and details about your company’s private details. By posting any of these things, you are giving your company the potential of losing current customers or potential followers. We strongly suggest that you check out our blog post and be careful about what you post online while representing a company.

With all of these bad types of content that you should not post, there are plenty of other types that are perfectly okay to post. In this post, we will be covering some of the content to post on social media for your company. This is not a comprehensive list of all of the content types that are okay to post on your company’s social media accounts but be sure to use caution when posting any content that you did not create yourself.

Content to post on social media

Original content that is proofread/edited

The best content to post on social media for your company is without a doubt original content that you have created. Original content that you have created can be anything from blog posts, videos (more on that later), photos, and much more. By creating your own content, you will also help your company attain improved SEO rankings. Original content should never be taken for granted because it is the lifeblood of many businesses, especially local businesses that are trying to grow.  

For this content to be the most effective it can possibly be, it must be proofread and edited. That means checking for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. If your content looks sloppy and has many errors, a common reader may be dissuaded from doing business with you. Trust us, you will not regret taking the time to edit your content and make it the best it can be because it will make your company look more professional and polished to new potential customers.

Relevant articles

If you are a little short on original content, you can post articles that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are a local mattress store you can post articles related to the products you carry. You can also post articles related to the industry that you work in. These types of posts keep your customers engaged and looking forward to the next original post from your company. Articles like this should not be posted every day, but rather used as a supplement for your original content. Too many can become stale and could potentially annoy your fan base.

Interactive posts

Another good piece of content that you can post regularly is anything that will allow you to interact with your followers. This includes things such as polls and questions of the day. By starting a discussion with your followers, you can show them that you care about their interests and learning more about them. These posts are a great way to raise your engagement to a new level and push your business on to even more success!

Video content

As mentioned above, videos of various formats are some great content to post on social media! When you add video posts to your various social media platforms, it gives followers the ability to relax and watch something rather than read a potentially long article or blog post. Believe it or not, video content is actually preferred for many people and it makes them much more likely to engage with you. If you are in need of tips to get you started on the journey of creating video content, we have you covered! Check out our various blog posts on video creation for local businesses.

Company news

Last but not least, another great idea for content to post on social media is company news! When something good happens in your company that benefits your employees and customers, it is a great idea to announce it via your social media. As long as you have the go-ahead from the company’s higher-ups, posting this content will help show the human side of your business to your followers. You can announce various things including expansion, increased sales, awards you have won, and much more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these types of posts and they make for great content to sprinkle in here and there.