If you have read any of our blog posts throughout the month of December, it will become obvious how much we value customer engagement and developing a strategy for it. In fact, building a unique customer engagement strategy for each client we work with is one of our favorite parts of digital marketing! This is a challenge that we are well equipped to handle! We have a wide breadth of knowledge on what helps local businesses grow and succeed.

As part of this series, we have discussed our customer engagement strategy in general as well as how customer engagement strategy can build brand loyalty and how our lead generation forms and bot technology can help local businesses. Before we end our current coverage of customer engagement strategy, it is important to touch on one more point: content marketing and customer engagement. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your content marketing and customer engagement goals!

Content marketing and customer engagement tips

Focus on quality over quantity

As with everything else in your business, your content should be quality and full of useful information. People who are interested in your business will likely want to read about it, watch videos, or engage with it. This is exactly why it is important to put work into creating quality content that will get results. If you put out a lot of content that will not gain desired results, it will not help you grow. Writing short blog posts that do not contain a lot of information is not a good technique. You may as well not even put them out because they do not help influence the reader to stick around. It would be better to combine these short blog posts into a more effective one that will influence purchasing decisions.

Overall, low effort content can instead have a negative affect and potentially push prospective customers away from your business. Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb, especially when your local business is concerned. Learn about what content your customers like and then make it the best quality possible before you put it out.

Use your content to help guide customers to your desired goal

If you want to succeed as a local business, all of your content should have a purpose. Your blog posts and videos should contain information that will guide your customers along the path to a purchasing decision. Someone who is on the outside looking in will not know as much about your business as you do, so that is why it is important to help guide them to exactly what you want them to do.

For example, if you have a product or service that may be confusing, create an introductory video that can keep customers interested and teach them something new. Then, create another piece of content that will continue convincing them to buy. If your content leads your target audience down the right path, it is more likely that they will begin to build trust and consider purchasing from you.

Always ask questions

No matter what platforms you use for content marketing, it is important to ask your followers questions. These people are following you because they have at least a mild interest in your local business, so it is smart to use this to your advantage. The beauty of asking your following questions is that all of the questions do not have to be about your business, products, or services. The questions can be anything that will get you engagement, such as questions centered around holidays or other local/national events. Even if these questions are not related to your business, it will show your followers that you care about what they have to say on other topics.

Optimize your strategy by creating what works

Once you have been executing your content marketing and customer engagement strategy for a while, be sure to pay attention to analytics via your chosen platform. By studying these analytics, you can get a better idea of what topics are most popular and what you should continue focusing on. Once you know what works, plan on creating more of it and cutting parts of the strategy that do not get as much engagement. And as we mentioned above, be sure to create quality over quantity.

To learn more about our customer engagement strategy and how it can help you, please visit this page and contact us today. We love helping local businesses grow and reach their full potential!