In the last few years, digital marketing for your business has become an absolute necessity. This is especially true for local small businesses that are trying to grow their reach. The power of local has been noted as there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. Local businesses also create many new jobs, millions per year. However, many local businesses fail within 10 years of starting. This shows the importance of effective local business marketing as a tool for long term success.  

Local business marketing

Most, if not all, local businesses utilize some sort of marketing techniques. Some go all out, some only do the bare minimum. You don’t want to be caught doing the bare minimum, you want to craft and execute a great marketing plan to grow your small business. Here are some areas that you should focus your local small business efforts on that will be sure to give you results.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you can’t get clicks, visitors, and impressions for your business, it is much harder to gain customers. SEO is the process of increasing the amount of traffic to your website and gaining organic search results for your business. SEO should be a big focus for your business because it dictates the way that each webpage on your domain will be written and laid out. If you have a perfectly optimized website, you will appear higher in search rankings with relevant content for the potential customer.

Focused Engagement has amazing options for local search engine optimization. By taking the small business’s needs into account, we craft a plan that is specifically for you and will yield the best results possible for your business. As a local small business, we understand the need for more customers and want to help you reach your goals.

Social media marketing

Most businesses, especially local small businesses, can benefit from having various social media pages. These company social media accounts can build a sense of community and closeness with a business. Customers prefer seeing the human behind a business and often engage more with socially active companies. Social media can also help you gain more reviews, referrals, and comments by customers. These are very valuable for your local business’s reputation and show that you are working to improve.

We have many effective social media marketing techniques to offer you. We’re able to track and incorporate customer trends into your social media accounts, helping you gain new interested and engaged followers. With a plan specific to you, you will soon be a social media master.   

Online reviews

Online reviews are an important, albeit tricky, marketing technique. They can be precarious but have a huge payoff potential for your small business. By utilizing online reviews, your online presence can increase, and your Google ranking will improve. Online reviews build trust for your business and make customers want to contact you.

At Focused Engagement, we have developed procedures that will increase your online reviews and allow you to gain new customers. We work with you to choose where you’d like to get reviews from and create your landing page. We’ll also train your staff on how to use the review request landing page. Other services we offer include review monitoring and response preparation. We can help you create an appropriate response that will ensure your business doesn’t receive any damage from negative reviews.


Using these techniques offered by Focused Engagement will take your business in the right direction. Local businesses are very important the community and we want you to succeed. Local business marketing is a vital step in becoming a notable part of the community. Contact us for more information on how to take your business to the next level.