In our last post, we discussed the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system and its benefits for your business. Once you’ve chosen to go with a VoIP system, there is another effective retail marketing strategy regarding phone calls that you can use: call tracking numbers.  

What is a call tracking number?

A call tracking number is a phone number that is created for the purpose of gathering data on a marketing campaign. You can then pair this call tracking phone number with call tracking software to gather important data for your business. There are plenty of companies that provide both call tracking numbers and software, but we’ll get to that in the next section.

For example, if you work at a bicycle shop and have a marketing campaign that urges customers to give you a call for more information, a call tracking number with accompanying software will allow you to gather different data as well as record the phone call for listening purposes. Data that call tracking number software can gather includes date of call, time of call, location of caller, length of call, as well as any information that the customer gives during the call. You will then have plenty of data to help in the analyzation of your marketing campaign’s success and adjust it if needed.  

Call tracking services

Now you know what call tracking numbers and software are, but where do you get them for your business? There are various companies that provide this software, including Aircall, Invoca, LiveAgent, and many more. The software that Focused Engagement uses and stands by is from CallRail. We use CallRail because of their call recording capabilities, advanced analytical reports, and helpful resources. CallRail can also show you if the caller is a first-time caller or returning caller, among other interesting statistics. If you are interested in CallRail for your call tracking numbers and software, they offer a free 14-day trial.

Benefits for your business

After reading about call tracking and the different feature, you are probably wondering why you should utilize it. Fortunately, there are numerous benefits to using this marketing tactic that we want to share with you. Here are the top benefits of call tracking numbers and software that you should consider for your local business.

Helps you evaluate perception of your message

When creating and running a marketing campaign, the message you are sending to potential customers is the most important element. With call tracking numbers and software, you’ll get more insight into how effective your message is with all the data that they provide you. Once you utilize call tracking, you can reevaluate your marketing campaign and make any necessary adjustments so that you have more success in the future.

Allows you to determine peak call hours

Determining peak call hours can be very important for many businesses, but especially small local businesses. While utilizing call tracking, you’ll be able to find out exactly when you should be next to the phone and expecting calls. You can also push out more advertisements as your peak call hours get closer in order to get more people to call your business. This is one of the most useful parts of call tracking in general.

Allows for quick decisions

The beauty of all the data that call tracking provides is that it is concrete. Depending on your target audience, phone calls can be a good indicator of how your business is doing. The different kinds of reports that you can create give you insights that you definitely did not have before. You can access this information any time in order to make a quick decision for your business.

Helps you learn more about your customers            

When gathering numerous types of data on your audience, you may discover things that you didn’t know before. You may find that your target demographics may not have been correct and you can adjust them for your marketing campaign. This aspect of call tracking should not be underrated as it can be the deciding factor of if your campaign is actually worth pursuing or if it needs changes.