If you are anything like us, you probably get 50 “spam” emails every day. And you probably don’t even give a cursory glance at most of the emails you get. You don’t want to read, or have time to read, most of the content in those emails anyway. If that is the case, why would anyone ever suggest an email marketing campaign? Because even if we don’t recognize it, an effective email campaign is still one of the most impactful and affordable ways to engage with customers and potential customers alike.

Email marketing with man using a laptop in a modern gray chair

So, what is an effective email marketing campaign?

An effective email marketing campaign needs to:

  • Provide value to readers.
  • Contain relevant content.
  • And, it needs to be expected.

You’ll also need an effective way to collect the email addressive of your prospects. 

An Effective Way to Collect Email Addresses

As part of our Consumer Engagement and Nurturing System, we have created a decision-driven questionnaire that we have placed on clients’ websites. By answering the questions in this form, potential customers are shown products or services that suit their needs. In order to see the results of the questionnaire, the potential customer enters their email address. With an effective and engaging form, like that of our clients, you will have your prospect’s email address, and information about their needs. This will help in all the next steps of your customer engagement and email campaign.

We have also configured this concept so our clients’ sales teams can use it in their brick and mortar locations. This same concept works by giving the in-store consumer a reason to provide you their email address.We have seen this work successfully with customers showing interest online, with face-to-face interaction with salespeople, and with kiosks. 

An Effective Email Marketing Campaign Needs To Be Valuable

Good content marketing, especially when it comes to email marketing, starts with the relevant and valuable content. In order to create this type of content, you should put yourself in your customers;’ shoes and ask, is this something I would like to recieve?

Campaigns we create for our clients hold value because the emails we send are tailored to the results of the questionnaire. We know these are the products or services that solve your customers’ problems, making the associated email valuable for the customer.

Often times customers become overwhelmed by the number of emails and marketing messages they receive. Making sure the customer is aware that your email contains valuable information is critical if you want the email to be opened.

An Effective Email Marketing Campaign Needs To Be Relevant

Segmentation is the primary tactic for increasing relevancy of your email, according to a MarketingSherpa study.

This is probably the best part of the entire Consumer Engagement and Nurturing System. The answer to every question in the questionnaire can be segmented out to its own email marketing campaign. This means that you are not just segmenting out your database based on demographics or behavior, but that you can also segment it out based on very specific issues.

We have our system installed at a number of mattress stores. Imagine if a consumer indicates that they have sleep apnea. Emails that are tailored around how an adjustable mattress base can help with sleep apnea are going to be more effective and convert more sales than a generic email that only summarizes the different types of mattresses that those stores carry. As you would segment your customers based on age, gender, and other demographic factors, segment your emails.

An Effective Email Marketing Campaign Needs To Be Expected

A good email marketing campaign should not only be wanted and values, but also expected to be received.

Regardless of where our system is used, we clearly indicate that customers can expect to hear from us about special offers and deals. This does three different things. Firstly, it ensures everyone who enters their email address is aware they will be hearing from us in the future. Secondly, it means that we are in accordance with all CAN-SPAM regulations against unwanted marketing emails. And lastly, it means that all of your customers will have a certain level of interest in purchasing merchandise from you, which helps future emails convert into actual sales.

The benefits associated with developing and implementing an email marketing campaign with these principles in mind can be vast. Keeping these four main principles in mind can help you separate your emails from the rest, and continue to drive both online and in-store sales for your business well into the future. Our consumer engagement and nurturing system can help you implement such a campaign and meet all of your goals. If you have not already started an email marketing campaign, now would be the perfect time to start!