If you are a brand new business owner, or even if you have been in the game for decades, you will understand that it is incredibly important to have an effective brand strategy. We discussed this in our most recent blog post, which you should definitely read before continuing with this one! But if you, as the business owner, are not sure what exactly your brand is or how to use it effectively in your marketing and business operations then this blog post will be helpful! We want to teach you about brand strategy mistakes to avoid.

Let’s just face it, brand strategy mistakes can happen at any time while you are running your local business. The key is to avoid these brand strategy mistakes and be prepared for them when they do come up. Here are 5 brand strategy mistakes to avoid that will not only hurt your local business but also your brand’s reputation.

Brand strategy mistakes to avoid

Not having brand guidelines

If you don’t have brand guidelines then your brand is just a mishmash of whatever colors, images and messages you think will work or that people like. In order to avoid this brand strategy mistake, make sure that all marketing materials are consistent with each other. This includes email campaigns, social media posts, signage around the office, and more!

The brand strategy for your business is not only important, but it’s also essential that you communicate this brand to all employees in the company. This means making sure everyone knows what colors and images are associated with your brand. Plus, they should know how these different tools can be used in order to improve marketing. Everyone who works for your company should know the tone and voice of your company so that you stay consistent. Once you break your consistency, customers may begin to notice and question your business.

It is a fact that new trends pop up all the time, especially in the age of TikTok and other social media platforms. It can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon in hopes that your brand will gain more popularity. However, if you don’t have a brand strategy in place then this brand strategy mistake to avoid could occur very quickly!

The easiest way to avoid falling into this trap is by thinking about it beforehand and planning accordingly. If there’s no purpose for using certain images or brand colors, then do not use them. If it’s going to hurt your brand because you can’t support or convey a particular message with what the trend is saying, then don’t join in! The last thing you want is to support something that your company cannot deliver on as that will make you look bad.

As an example of this brand strategy mistake to avoid – there was a time when using hashtags on Instagram didn’t really make sense for businesses and brand pages. Companies would still use plenty of hashtags which made their posts look tacky. However, this brand strategy mistake to avoid is no longer relevant because hashtags can be used for various reasons and they help you gain more exposure on the platform! They are a common technique to use today.

Avoid disengaging from the community

This brand strategy mistake to avoid may sound obvious, but it’s actually very easy for local businesses to mess up. It is important that you are aware of your brand and how it fits into the community in which you operate. If your brand matches with something positive happening within the community then this brand strategy mistake can be avoided!

If there happens to be a brand disconnect, then this brand strategy mistake to avoid will occur. You should always try your best to build relationships with community members and local leaders so that you are viewed in the most positive light possible. After all, people want to work with businesses who care about their communities!

Avoid breaking your brand’s promise to customers

The brand promise is something that must be carefully crafted when you are working on your brand strategy. If your brand’s message contradicts with reality, then this brand strategy mistake to avoid can easily happen!

For example – let’s say a clothing store has the brand promise of being environmentally sustainable and using organic materials in their products. However, they do not actually use organic materials and they do not have a brand strategy in place to address this. As a result, the brand’s message is broken which will affect their brand perception among customers.

All businesses need to think about how they can fulfill their brand promise so that you avoid making the brand strategy mistake of breaking your brand’s message! If there is a brand promise mismatch, then you need to rebrand or fix the brand strategy so that your brand does stand for what it originally said.

Avoid stretching your brand too far

Stretching your brand too far can be another brand strategy mistake to avoid . It may sound like a good idea at first, but it will lead you down an unnecessary path! When brands stretch themselves too far in the name of growth or relevance then this brand strategy mistake can happen. If there is no purpose for stretching yourself and widening your brand, then it is best to avoid this brand strategy mistake to avoid .

For example, some brands such as Virgin have stretched themselves into pretty much any industry that you could name. They have recording studios, casinos, comic books, coffee, trains, and much more. This could be considered an extreme case of brand extension to the point that customers are not even sure what your company does best. It is best to avoid this and only expand when it makes sense for your situation!