Focused On The Road Episode 14: Retargeting

After a short hiatus, Focused On The Road returns with a new episode! The latest episode in this series focuses on retargeting and what it can do for your business. Retargeting is the practice of putting your business in front of those who have previously expressed interest in order to influence them to choose you

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Focused Fridays Episode 9 (October 2, 2020): A New View Counseling

Focused Fridays episode 9 sees us discuss mental health and how to start a counseling business with Katherine Parnell from A New View Counseling. Katherine gives us a lot of insight into the industry, including how she got her start and how to succeed in her industry. If you are not already keeping up with

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Focused Fridays Episode 7 (September 18, 2020): KG Strength Training

This week’s Focused Fridays livestream sees us continuing our weekly interview series with a local business. Our latest interviewee is Kenny from KG Strength Training. Kenny’s business is located in both Salt Lake City and Lehi, Utah and has been around for nearly 5 years. In this interview, Kenny discusses how he started his business,

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Focused On The Road Episode 13: Automated Customer Follow-up

Episode 13 of Focused On The Road centers on our weekly theme of customer follow-up. In the video, Bo talks about how one of our clients utilizes marketing automation to follow-up with their customer appointments. Marketing automation is a great tool for any business and will help you free up more time to work on

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Focused Fridays Episode 5 (August 28, 2020): Customer Engagement

We are back once again with a brand new episode of Focused Fridays! This episode follows our weekly theme of customer engagement. Bo spotlights our recent blog post from earlier this week titled “Customer Engagement Tips: 5 Ways To Get Started” and discusses how chatbots can help engage your customers more effectively. Be sure to

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Focused On The Road Episode 12: Customer Engagement

Episode 12 of Focused On The Road follows our weekly theme of customer engagement. In this new video, Bo discusses his love for customer engagement and how important it is for a business to thrive. At Focused Engagement, customer engagement is something we pride ourselves on. Contact us today to see how we can help

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