Focused Fridays Episode 15 (November 20, 2020): The Queen of Manifesting

Our latest episode of Focused Fridays is now available on YouTube if you missed our Facebook livestream. This new episode features an interview with Kelly Walker from The Queen of Manifesting. The Queen of Manifesting specializes in coaching people so that they can manifest what they want in life. The interview contains plenty of information

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Focused Fridays Episode 14 (November 13, 2020): Pure Workout

On November 13th, we continued our Focused Fridays theme of interviewing a local business. The subject of this video is Pure Workout, which is based in Murray, Utah. We had the pleasure of speaking with Judah Dokos and getting to learn a little more about his business. If you want to learn more about Pure

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Focused On The Road Episode 16: Discovery Analysis Process

One of the most important steps you should be taking in your business is discovery analysis. Discovery analysis allows you to get a better feel for what your potential customer needs and allows you to suit them more accurately. Without discovery analysis, you may lose a potential customer or leave someone dissatisfied. In this episode

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Focused Fridays Episode 12 (October 23, 2020): Time Graphix

Our Focused Fridays Facebook Live session from Friday October 23rd saw Bo sit down with Marc Patterson from Time Graphix. Our interview includes details about how Time Graphix began, how they work, and the importance of customer service as a business foundation. Time Graphix is a local print shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Focused On The Road Episode 15: Red Lotus Bistro

Focused On The Road episode 15 is available on YouTube now! Earlier this week, we talked with Anthony from Red Lotus Bistro. Anthony was enthusiastic to share the history of his business, how long he has been a restaurant owner, as well as some of the most popular dishes at Red Lotus Bistro. You can

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Focused Fridays Episode 11 (October 16, 2020): Lemon Head Design

During our Facebook Live session from Friday October 16th, Bo sat down with Karl Young from Lemon Head Design. In the interview, Young talks about what work that Lemon Head Design does and how they help their customers. Lemon Head Design is based in Spanish Fork, Utah and is ready to serve your web design

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Focused On The Road Episode 14: Retargeting

After a short hiatus, Focused On The Road returns with a new episode! The latest episode in this series focuses on retargeting and what it can do for your business. Retargeting is the practice of putting your business in front of those who have previously expressed interest in order to influence them to choose you

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Focused Fridays Episode 9 (October 2, 2020): A New View Counseling

Focused Fridays episode 9 sees us discuss mental health and how to start a counseling business with Katherine Parnell from A New View Counseling. Katherine gives us a lot of insight into the industry, including how she got her start and how to succeed in her industry. If you are not already keeping up with

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