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Customer acquisition and retention

Success with Customer Retention and Acquisition

When it comes to customer retention and acquisition, success boils down to just a few things… listening to your current customers, prospects, and your ability to adapt. Customer Retention Basics Customer retention is all about keeping the customers you have now, and using them to their full potential. “Cultivation and retention of customers includes integration,

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Kyle Atkinson

Meet Kyle Atkinson: Focused Engagement’s newest intern

Name: Kyle Atkinson  Position: Digital Marketing Intern What experience do you have in marketing?  I gained experience in marketing working for Salt Lake Community College’s radio station as well as the University of Utah’s radio station. There, I write and edit content for blogs. This has also given me experience with SEO for blogs, InDesign and

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Retargeting: What is it? How & Why do we do it.

Retargeting It all boils down to serving ads to potential customers based on website cookies. Retargeting works by collecting information from potential customers when they visit a site. It then uses that information to create lists of target audiences that will later receive ads based on the sites they visit.  What is it and how

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Small Business Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Successful Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be incredibly challenging. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), over 20 percent of startup businesses fail in their first year — and the survival rate only diminishes year over year. This means, as a small business, you will have your work cut out for you. It also means that successfully marketing

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Local SEO

Managing your Local Business Listing

Managing your local business listing is a critical part of a successful digital marketing program. Managing your listing will increase your customers’ and leads’ experiences, and increase traffic and visibility on your site. Having control and staying up-to-date with your business listing will help with customer acquisition, competing against comparable business, and ranking among your

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How to choose the right Agency

Agency: Top Tips to choosing the right one

“Needing help” isn’t the reason to look for, or hire, a marketing or advertising agency. If you are not looking for an agency that will help you with long-term goals, you shouldn’t be hiring one. Hiring an agency that suits and performs for your business goals can be difficult. So we’ve compiled a list of

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Cassette tape with "Mondays suck: a playlist for productivity" written on it

Mondays Suck – Stay Productive

Mondays are rough. But you already know that. Going back to the office and getting into the swing of things after a long weekend – especially in the middle of January, once the blues hit, can be difficult.  The content creation team at Focused Engagement has curated a Monday playlist to help them start off

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Integrating multiple Customer engagement strategies: Top Tips

We have written several blog posts about the importance of lead nurturing and lead engagement. You know that you should be interacting with your customers & potential customers how, when, and where they want. And you know the value of doing this is in ROI and customer retention.  Engaging and nurturing your leads proves you

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Five Digital Marketing myths to be aware of

The marketing industry is globally expansive and always changing. Digital marketing offers companies a wide range of resources and channels where they can connect with customers. Though it is growing in popularity, there are elements of digital marketing that are shrouded in myth.  We are here to debunk these myths and help business owners understand

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What is SEO: Get to know SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means optimizing a website to get more quality and quantity traffic. This is done by increasing the viability of a site or page to users of a search engine.  You may have heard about paid advertising or traffic that is pay-per click, but SEO is different from this.

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