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Why online reviews are important for a local business

It is finally 2021 and Focused Engagement is ready to start the new year off with a bang. For the month of January, we will be focusing our content creation efforts on teaching you about online reviews. At Focused Engagement, we are passionate about how much online reviews can and will help your local business

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Content marketing: can it improve your customer engagement strategy?

If you have read any of our blog posts throughout the month of December, it will become obvious how much we value customer engagement and developing a strategy for it. In fact, building a unique customer engagement strategy for each client we work with is one of our favorite parts of digital marketing! This is

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How Lead generation forms and bot technology help local businesses

Over the course of the month of December, Focused Engagement has been focused on discussing our brilliant customer engagement strategy. We fully believe in our strategy and we wanted to share more information about it with those that feel like it could help them. In fact, our strategy has helped many local businesses gain notoriety,

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Increase sales with retail text message marketing

Are you using text message marketing in your store? If you are not, you really should be. Often when we think of text messaging, we think of quick messages to friends or family. Most retail businesses do not think about text messages as an effective engagement method, but the reasons you use it to communicate

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How our customer engagement strategy can increase brand loyalty

If you read our previous blog post, you already know all about our incredibly effective customer engagement strategy! And if you have not read that post yet, we recommend checking it out. It will keep us on the same page about what our customer engagement strategy can do for your local business. Whether you decide

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Customer engagement strategy: what we offer local businesses

No matter which stage of business ownership you are in, customer engagement should be a priority. But in order to get the customer engagement that your business should be striving for, you must develop your own or incorporate a customer engagement strategy. This strategy will be the guiding force for how you get people to

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Common social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Throughout the entire month of November, our blog has been focused on social media marketing. Near the beginning of the month we gave you an introduction to social media marketing and how it can help your local business. We followed that post up with posts about how to use Facebook and Instagram successfully. Those posts

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How to generate leads for a mattress store

As a mattress store owner, you have a lot of competition. You have to deal with national stores like Mattress Firm as well as countless online bed-in-a-box companies that keep popping up. In order to grow, you need to create an effective retail digital marketing strategy. A critical part of that strategy is to generate

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The benefits of Instagram for a local business

At Focused Engagement, the entire month of November has been centered around social media marketing and a variety of topics surrounding it. In the modern world, social media is becoming increasingly essential for local business success. There are ways to succeed without utilizing social media, but it is much harder simply because most people find

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