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Why mobile web design is important too

As we have discussed in other blog posts this month, website design is very important to local businesses. You should focus efforts on perfecting your desktop website, but that is not the only website you should focus on. After the design of your desktop website is functional, you should begin working on its mobile counterpart.

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Where to start with website design for a local business

From the moment you think of an idea that could become a successful local business, you should constantly be working to perfect it. With this heavy amount of work, we understand that some things may take a back seat to others. But one aspect of your business that should not take a back seat is

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What to do when video content is not helping a local business

As a business owner, there are many things that you must consider throughout your journey of creation and ownership. You have to create your entire business from the ground up and keep it running, which is not an easy task for anyone. Once you get your business off the ground, you must always strive to

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The best types of video content for local businesses

At Focused Engagement, the month of February 2021 has been centered on video content topics. We feel that this topic is extremely important for all local businesses because it can really help them grow. No matter what your business does, take advantage of the technology of today and make videos for your local business. You

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Video content do’s and don’ts: what to focus on

Video content is our topic of the month for February 2021 for a very good reason. This is because video content is essential to the success of a local business during the current times. If you have not already checked it out, our first blog post from this month gives a detailed explanation about why

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Local business video content: why it is important

If you are serious about growing a local business of your own and succeeding, there are many things that you should take seriously. Some of them may be obvious, such as perfecting and putting your best products out, good customer service, training your employees, and keeping your facilities clean and effective. With all these different

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The relationship between COVID-19 and online reviews

Throughout the entire year of 2020 and the start of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed utterly everything about the way that we live. Due to various closures, people in most parts of the world cannot go and do anything they want to as they could before the pandemic. Many businesses have been severely affected

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How to correctly respond to online reviews

During the month of January, Focused Engagement has been discussing everything about online reviews. Our previous posts include information about why online reviews are important for a local business as well as how to get more online reviews. If you have read those posts, you probably know a lot more about online reviews than you

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How to get more online reviews for your local business

Imagine you are a business owner with a decently successful local business. You have your fair share of regular customers, but you notice that you do not see too many new faces come in. This is a concern for you because you want your business to grow, so you begin looking into it. By utilizing

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