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Good Website Design Tips for Marketing Success

Have you ever encountered an extremely poorly designed website? Imagine one so bad that you do not want anything to do with a company. A terrible website may confuse you as to why they thought it would be a good idea. If you have encountered such a website, you are not alone. Many people are

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Backlinks For Local Businesses: Why Are They So Important?

No matter where you look on the internet, content is king. Blog posts, videos, ad campaigns, you name it and it gets millions of views per day. But an underrated benefit of this overload of content that we are experiencing is a concept called backlinking. You may not be familiar with this term in name,

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Outstanding Digital marketing training resources

Depending on where you look, digital marketing companies can be quite different. They can be brand new companies that just began or longstanding companies that are well-known and liked. They may be made up of veterans in the industry or young people that are fresh out of college. Regardless of the experience, education, and prestige

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Failed marketing campaigns: how to avoid disaster

In marketing, there can be many different objectives you can aim to achieve. Those can include impressions, page views, likes/comments/shares, and purchases. Having customers that believe in your products or services enough to purchase them are simply essential. If you are not doing something different and making money, you cannot afford to pay your employees

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Tips for using Instagram as a marketing tool

As social media continues to grow and impact our lives, many companies realize how important an online presence is. If you do not have a successful website, blog, and social media accounts, you are far behind the curve. However, not all social media websites are perfect for every business. Which platforms you should use depends

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Call tracking numbers: how they can help your business

In our last post, we discussed the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system and its benefits for your business. Once you’ve chosen to go with a VoIP system, there is another effective retail marketing strategy regarding phone calls that you can use: call tracking numbers.   What is a call tracking number? A call

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VoIP Phone System: benefits for local businesses

In the 21st Century, the internet has taken over as the primary mode of communication for most everyone. Most people use the internet to communicate with family and friends as well as customers, potential customers, and business partners. Business of all sizes from local to national have also learned that the internet is an excellent

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5 benefits of online chat services for your business

As a growing local business, building connections with your existing and potential customers is of the utmost importance. If you do not build these connections with the people who support you, they may feel as if they do not matter to you and may stop giving you their business. There are various ways that you

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Virtual tour: why your local business needs one

It has been said often, but the COVID-19 crisis has affected us in nearly every way. One big way that we are affected is through in-person shopping or business in general. This highly infectious disease has exposed the need for change in the shopping industry. It has shown us how effective virtual tours can be

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Social media techniques for effective retail marketing

Social media has become a huge part of most people’s daily lives. Almost every industry utilizes it in some form or another and at different levels. The industry that has perhaps the most to gain and lose is the retail industry. How often do you go on social media and see ads for various products

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