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5 social media techniques to attract local customers

Whether people choose to utilize it or not, social media has many different effective applications. The premier use for social media is to draw attention to a person, a company, a product, or a service. But efficiently gaining that attention can be a more difficult task than you would expect. Social media techniques can play

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8 Retail marketing Strategies In A Post-COVID World

If the COVID-19 pandemic and the closures across the country have taught us anything in the retail world, it is the need to be able to rapidly adjust to a changing market. This crisis won’t last forever, so it’s important to be ready to resume business when it ends. Below are 8 retail marketing strategies

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5 Digital marketing myths debunked

Since its inception, marketing has been one of the most controversial fields, and the reasons why make a lot of sense. Some (large) companies are known for using questionable marketing tactics in order to get their desired results. Sometimes they will push things too far by taking advantage of unfortunate situations (see the COVID-19 crisis as an example). These questionable tactics cause a

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coronavirus marketing responses: companies get creative

Coronavirus continues to affect everyone daily. Citizens are affected by the risk of getting sick, unemployment, the actions of others, and the uncertainty of the future. Companies, large and local, are being affected by purchasing behavior changes, customer fear, and the economic downturn. Coronavirus marketing responses have become a part of our daily lives, with

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Digital Marketing during Coronavirus: Do’s and Don’ts

Digital Marketing during Coronavirus As the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unfold daily, most industries have been affected. Due to numerous industries being affected, nearly all forms of marketing have been impacted. From budget cuts to employee layoffs, our way of life has been flipped on its head in many ways. Even the biggest

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virtual tours helping small businesses despite COVID-19

Our Virtual Tours are helping small Business operate despite COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 has created serious strain on small businesses all over the country. With self isolation being highly recommended by various government and regulatory agencies, fewer customers are visiting local stores to do their shopping. Our team has been working diligently to find solutions to help our clients’ customers see their products without coming into

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Receiving a negative review: Do’s and Don’ts

While contemplating which company to work with, purchase something from, etc., potential customers often consult the online reviews of a business to help make their decision easier. According to, 90% of consumers used the internet to find local businesses in the last year. 82% of these consumers then read online reviews for local businesses.

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Choosing local: how to market your small business

In the last few years, digital marketing for your business has become an absolute necessity. This is especially true for local small businesses that are trying to grow their reach. The power of local has been noted as there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. Local businesses also create many

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Underperforming digital marketing: why it isn’t working

New products in every category are launching every day. This means new marketing campaigns are created to go with them. With the abundance of marketing plans and strategies, some are bound to underperform. There are a lot of reasons that these marketing plans can fail, regardless of the sheer number of competitors out there. If you’re at a loss about your underperforming digital

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WhatsApp Marketing: the next big thing?

In the internet age and with digital tools and services becoming exponentially prominent, digital marketing is more important than ever. Regardless of your demographic, you’re being digitally marketed to. But traditional marketing means can no longer reach younger generations, and marketers are turning towards online platforms. To reach new, younger, and tech-savvy markets, it is

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