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Offline marketing: what methods still work effectively?

When you think about offline marketing, what comes to mind? If it is a flyer or business card that you were handed at the grocery store, you are not alone. It seems like offline marketing has been on the decline for years and if one thing is for sure, it’s that many companies are struggling

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How to market to seniors: effective strategies to use

Did you know that seniors are the fastest-growing demographic in our society? In fact, by 2030, one out of every five Americans will be a senior citizen! If you’re not marketing to seniors now, it’s likely that your competition is already doing so. And with all these new customers coming your way, what better time

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Engaging a younger audience: how to market successfully

Marketing tactics are constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of a changing public. This is especially true when it comes to engaging a younger audience, because they are so used to using technology. Different generations have different expectations for how they want their businesses marketed to them, so you need to be aware

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Why supporting local businesses is good for your community

Local businesses are an important part of the community. They offer unique products and services that you can’t find at big-box retailers, they keep money in your local economy, and they contribute to a better quality of life. Supporting them is not just about buying from them; it’s also about engaging with their employees or

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Content you should be posting on your company social media accounts

Last week, we published a blog post about some of the content types that you should not be posting on your company’s social media accounts. Some of this content includes poorly written content, complaints about competitors, negative content, and details about your company’s private details. By posting any of these things, you are giving your

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Content to avoid posting on your company social media accounts

With the prevalence of social media growing in our world, things are quickly changing. Social media is no longer simply an outlet for private people; companies utilize it and utilize it very well. Depending on the industry that the business operates in, many would consider social media marketing an essential practice. By using social media websites, companies

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Combating burnout as a working professional

Today, many jobs are as stressful as they have ever been. This is because there are so many complex industries that may not have existed in the past, and current industries are constantly evolving. Technology is also at an unparalleled level as compared to the past, with learning new software becoming increasingly important for most jobs. Life situations

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Current digital marketing trends for 2021

News flash: the world is changing right in front of our eyes. This is due to advances in technology, the development of cities and countries, and changes in the way we live. And plus, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still lingering in many places. Believe it or not, these effects are pushing us

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More marketing myths debunked

Last April, we published a blog post that had a lot to do with common marketing myths that pop up all the time. The marketing myths we discussed in that post cover topics including content marketing, cross-platform marketing, social media, SEO, and more. If you want to learn why these myths are simply myths, we

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Web Design Examples: The Good And The Bad To Consider

Throughout the month of March 2021, we have discussed various topics surrounding websites and website design. By reading our previous posts in this series, you will have learned about where to start with your web design, mistakes to avoid while doing web design, and why mobile web design is just as important as desktop web

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