As discussed in our previous blog post, the internet has heavily affected nearly everyone’s lives. So many things that are essential for us to live can be done online without any human interaction. With this prevalence of online activity, there is bound to be one search engine that comes out on top: Google. Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, with over 4 billion worldwide users. This widespread use of Google allows for many advertisers to show every single user many ads per day. But just because Google is the most popular search engine for users and advertisers does not mean that it is the only one.

Believe it or not, Bing is another popular search engine for users and advertisers alike. Although it does not have the massive number of daily users that Google does, some users argue that Bing outperforms the most popular search engine with their advanced features. As for advertisers, one thing rings true: if there are people to advertise to, you should at least consider advertising to them. Just because the number of users on Bing does not touch the amount on Google, there is still potential to grow your business by advertising to Bing users. Here are some pros of advertising on Bing Search.

Bing Search ads pros

More places for ads to appear

One of the top benefits of using Bing Search ads is the fact that your ads will appear in multiple places. If you are not aware, Bing is owned by Microsoft which owns many more small companies. By putting your ads on Bing, they will automatically show up on Bing as well as Microsoft-owned search engines Yahoo and AOL at no extra cost. The ads can also show up on partner sites of the three mentioned search engines, opening you up to even more views and potential customers. If this does not convince you to at least consider advertising on Bing Search ads, continue reading for more lesser known benefits.

They are growing quickly

This may come as a surprise to many readers, but Bing is growing very quickly and vastly. The area that Bing is growing very quickly is in the desktop search engine market. At the time of writing there are more than 5 billion monthly searches on Bing, which is not an insignificant number. According to, 63 million users are reached by Bing Search ads that are not reached by Google AdWords. This number will only continue to grow as even more people get access to the internet, so it is best to begin considering your Bing advertising options now.

Ads are affordable

Even though Bing Search does not have nearly the same volume as Google Search, they have good quality that will make your time and money worth it. Everyone who advertises knows how expensive each click can cost, especially through Google AdWords. What if there was a cheaper option that can also yield quality leads and results? Oh wait, there is with Bing Search ads. Spinutech estimates that that you can spend 20-35% of your Google AdWords budget on Bing Search ads and still get results. Being that Bing uses a similar ad auction system to Google, your ads will have a chance to be displayed higher for a likely cheaper amount per click.

Better device targeting

Another big benefit of Bing Search ads is the ability that they give the user to target specific devices. Some campaigns are not built for every platform and you will want to have them exclusively on some platforms and not others, and Bing gives you that fantastic option. You can really make your campaigns as specialized as you need to, which can be a little trickier through Google AdWords.

Very transparent

One thing that comes as a negative when using Google AdWords is the lack of transparency. This is understandable due to the sheer volume of advertisers that use the platform. With Bing Search ads, this problem is less pronounced. Google restricts the way that advertisers can target certain audiences, while Bing allows flexibility in targeting on their different search engines. Overall, the user interface that Bing utilizes may have an edge over Google due to its transparency and explanations for certain features.

Your advertising choice

No matter which platform you decide to focus your advertising efforts on, Focused Engagement can help you out! We are proud to be experts in both Google AdWords and Bing Search ads. Contact us today to see how we can help your local business succeed.