Google Maps is the most popular map system in the world, and it’s free. It has over 1 billion active users that use it to find their way around places they’ve never been before. Now Google Maps ads are available for businesses to take advantage of all those people with a simple click-through on their phone or computer screen. This blog post will give you everything you need to know about how these ads work, what type of business can benefit from them, and why Google Maps Ads are so successful at driving local customers into your shop.


Google Maps Ads is an innovative form of digital marketing that promotes nearby businesses and services based on your location. These ads appear in the Google Maps app as well as on mobile, tablet & desktop versions of sites you visit.

Google Maps has a new feature that draws in customers with sponsored ads on the top of their search engine results page (SERP). Paid-for advertisements are placed at what you would expect – just before all other sites, increasing exposure and driving locals into your store, for example. A recent study reports 50% will visit an online retailer they discovered within one day if it’s a local business; this is more likely when there’s an ad upfront.


Google Maps ads work mainly with 2 elements. One is local search ads, second is promoted pins. Here is a little bit more information on both of these elements.

Local search ads: The most popular way to advertise on Google Maps is through keyword-triggered search results, and this can be done in several ways. If your business operates near an area where people might need services related to their car or trucking needs, you will get higher visibility with paid listings at the top for those types of businesses, as seen here from our example.

Promoted pins: Pins are a great way to show off your business’ location on the map. One of these features is Promoted Pins, which highlight specific locations. Also, offer greater visibility for users browsing through zoomed-in areas while looking for places nearby or close by. The giveaway is that their sponsored posts/ads will be their square shape instead of rounded indicators like organic pins have. There’s also an option between using an individual logo thumbnail image as shown below versus creating custom images based around different themes, depending upon what best suits each brand’s personality.

The second way to use pins on the map is as a plain, simple highlighting of your business. You might not want these types for an everyday occurrence, but they could stand out if that’s what you’re looking for. And ensure people searching around consider them first.

Google Maps has introduced a new form of advertising that is specific to off-the-street businesses, such as retail shops, restaurants, and bars. The icon remains, but features sponsored Google map ads with priority if they’re close together in an area where competition could be high for spots on the front page. This may provide benefits depending on your location’s needs.


Google Maps Ads can be a helpful tool for any business that wants to reach out and touch the hearts of potential customers. The localized nature provides you with an opportunity. Also, those who see your ad on the map from being displayed on Google’s platform will have no problem finding where it is located right at their fingertips.

Not only does this represent but also gives off good vibes because people know exactly what they’re getting into when visiting (or purchasing) anything these days. Convenience reigns supreme over everything else these days anyway, so why not advertise near-visible proximity too.

The popularity of Google has made it easy for your business to be found, but many businesses are not aware that their website is typed in at the top right corner. As soon as people type search terms and see what comes up on the screen, they’re more susceptible or willing to click away from other listings lower down, which could mean you lose out on opportunities.


Link to GMB listing: Google My Business is a free tool that you should use in your marketing efforts. Whenever someone searches for any type of business, nearby companies with Google Maps listings will appear at the top of SERP (though still below PPC ads). Linking GMB to an account allows location extensions on advertisements like slide shows and map visuals, which can make them stand out even more. To link accounts together, simply grant admin access if necessary. This process couldn’t be easier, so don’t worry too much about what network permissions mean until then. To complete this step, you will go to “Ads and Extensions” on your Google Ads menu, then select “Location extension.” These location extensions let people know where the business is in that specific sentence or phrase shown as part of their search result.

Campaigns should be targeted to a specific area: Google Maps ads are perfect for driving business to your establishment. But they only work when the target location info has been specified. Without this necessary piece of information in place. Without targeting specific cities or towns, you cannot see what Google thinks about where you’re located

Do thorough keyword research: Targeting keywords with Google Maps Ads is all about specificity. Don’t just target “injury lawyer” or anything generic, instead go after more specific phrases like “Metro Denver Injury Lawyers.” These will allow you to be in a map ad and show off your company’s services effectively. While also giving potential customers who need help real-time information. Where they can find themselves dealt some legal help. Conduct an extensive keyword research project prior to launching any type of marketing effort by using tools such as Uber suggester. Which helps generate new ideas based upon user behavior patterns.

Use of call tracking number: The last step is tracking. This can help you figure out which ads are working well and when they should be used again, so it’s important not to skip this crucial process. We recommend using a unique number for each campaign ad that shows up on your website or app. Because every advertiser has their own preferences about what metrics need measuring in order to see success with their marketing campaigns. That way no matter how many devices users may use (e-mail subscribers? social media followers?), there won’t be any interruption.


If you’re looking to grow your business, then it’s important that you take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available. One way to do this is by using google maps ads for your business. These are specialized advertising services Google provides so businesses can target search results and map listings in their geographic area with text-based ads or images. With these types of advertisements, you’ll be able to highlight your products or services on both desktop and mobile devices and show up more prominently during searches related to what you offer.