One of the ways to promote your business is by writing a blog post. Blogging can help you establish an online presence, drive traffic back to your website, generate leads for your company, and much more. It’s important that you make it easy for people to find your blog – if they don’t know where it is, they won’t be able to read what you have written!

But even if you have a blog, it still needs traffic in order to take off. If you do not have traffic, it will be much harder for your target audience to find your blog. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways to boost blog traffic on your site and improve its SEO rankings.

Ways to boost blog traffic

Heavily incorporate keywords

One of the best ways to boost blog traffic is by heavily incorporating keywords into your post. This means that you should use relevant, targeted keywords throughout your content in order to rank higher on search results and get more organic views from Google’s top pages (SERPs).

An example of this would be using “how to” phrases; for instance: “how to boost blog traffic” would be a great phrase to use. In order to use this tip to its fullest potential, be sure to repeat your keywords throughout your post. You want to emphasize that this phrase is the focal point of your content by using it in your title and subheadings whenever appropriate. Using this tip will really help your SEO rankings and help you gain more traffic to your blog!

Use plenty of photos in your posts

Many bloggers use photos in their posts, whether it is a photo of themselves or something related to the topic they’re writing about. If you don’t want to take your own pictures, there are plenty of ways that you can find royalty-free images online for free!

One way to do this would be by using Google Images; all you have to do is type in the keyword phrase that you want, and Google will provide a list of different images that can be used. Be sure to check the permissions of for these photos before you take them; the last thing you want is any trouble for using the wrong photos.

For instance, if we were writing about ways to boost blog traffic on my site, we could use photos related to SEO rankings or social media buttons; both are great ways to help your blog get more traffic. Using photos in blog posts can really spice up your writing and make it more visual for the reader! It’s important to remember that you don’t need a photo on every single blog post, but having one or two is always great.

Another great tip on our list of ways to boost blog traffic is by using internal and external links within your posts. These types of links can be used either at the beginning or end of a sentence, but it’s recommended that you use them sparingly so they’re not too distracting for readers. They are important, but do not include so many that they become a nuisance. This tip will help with SEO rankings because search engines like Google know how important links are to websites – linking out can help you gain authority, which will boost your page rankings.

Internal links direct readers within the same blog post; for instance, if we were writing about ways to boost blog traffic on our site, we could link “blog posts” at the end of each paragraph in order to make it easier for them to navigate the post. While it’s not necessary to do this for every single paragraph, using internal links can help you gain more traffic if used in moderation. Internal links can also link to other pages on your domain, such as other blog posts or relevant product pages.

External links direct readers outside of your website; these are very similar to backlinks that we discussed earlier in ways to boost blog traffic by including keywords within our content. These types of links

Share your past content even if it is a little bit older

Even if a blog post is a few months or even years old, you should still share it on social media in order to gain more traffic. This will bring back former readers and give them an incentive to come back to your site; however, this does not mean that you should just repost older content without editing it! Be sure that any past content that you share contains updated information. This will help your readers stay informed and know what’s going on with your business, even if they miss an older blog post or two!

This is another great tip for ways to boost blog traffic because it gives a lot of exposure to the older posts on your site; this makes them relevant again and gives readers a chance to see what you have been up to in the past few months, even if it is not exactly recent. If an older blog post was popular when it first came out, sharing it again can help boost its popularity!

Just remember that this doesn’t mean you should repost every single old piece of content on your website; only share the ones that are relevant and have been edited to include new information.

Don’t be afraid to have guests write posts for you

Having guest bloggers write for your blog is a great way to boost traffic because it gives readers another perspective on the topic. Plus, you will be able to spend more time engaging with your audience and replying to their comments!

Another benefit to having guests post on your website is that their network of followers can be opened up to your audience! You will be able to expose new people to your business and blog and potentially gain new customers. There are no negatives of having guests post on your website. We recommend trying it out at least once!