During the month of October, we have been focusing on the concept of running a blog for your local business. We have talked about when you should create a blog for your local business and how to run a successful blog for your local business. But if you are still in search of more content concerning having the best blog possible, you are in lucky! We have plenty more content to give you in this post about the benefits of running a blog for your local business.

If you did not already catch onto this, running a blog can be an excellent way to generate leads for your business. A blog can also keep your audience engaged and eagerly looking forward to the next piece of content that you put out for them to read. The benefits of running a blog are numerous, and it is important that you understand them before deciding if this is the right strategy for your company. This post will explore five benefits of running a blog, so read on!

Benefits of running a blog

Blogging gives your SEO a nice boost

If you are able to create quality content, blogging generates an immense amount of backlinks for your website. This is extremely good news if you are trying to improve the SEO rankings of your local business on Google. It also benefits your overall search engine optimization strategy since people can easily find what you have posted online with ease. A post that lives on its own separate from your website benefits not only you, but the future of your company as well.

When your website does not have a website, it is often bare and does not feature much content. This makes your website pretty boring for your customers to look at. But if you create a blog and load your website up with good content, you will have a good chance to gain more customers and your SEO ranking will increase.

Blogging gives you a lot more website traffic

When you write a blog and post articles on your website, it adds to the traffic that comes to your site. This is one of the biggest benefits of running a blog, because more content means more keywords for people to find you by when searching online. But blogging also benefits other areas of marketing such as social media since you will have something new and fresh every week or month depending on how often you post. This benefits your social media marketing since you will have new content to share with people on Facebook, Twitter and other networks that you advertise on.

Blogging helps build your brand and keep your company voice consistent

Another benefit of running a blog for your local business is that it helps build the brand image. This benefits you since people will be able to connect with your company on an entirely new level if they are looking at good, quality content every week or month depending again on how often you post. The benefits of having this consistency in terms of voice cannot be overstated, especially if you are trying to establish your company as an authority in the industry.

When people come back week after week/month after month for new content, they will start associating that with your brand name and logo. This benefits you by making them more likely to make a purchase or do business with you when they need it. You can also encourage them to do so by offering coupons and discounts for your latest blog posts.

Blogging helps you connect with current and potential customers

Since blog posts are permanent content that is there for people to find later on, it benefits you in the long run. The benefits of using blogging as a marketing strategy include not only current customers seeing your new blog post, but also potential customers finding your business online when they are searching for something similar if ever at all. This makes them more likely to do business with your local company if they like what you offer and the way that you conduct yourself online.

Blogging can help make your social media posting easier

Finally, our last tip on this list of the benefits of running a blog for your local business is that blogging can help make social media sharing easier. This benefits you because any new post on your website can be repurposed as multiple different social media posts. Not only does this mean more content to share with friends, family and customers, but it benefits your SEO ranking since you are generating more backlinks to your website.

When people see a piece of content on social media that they like or think their friends will also enjoy reading, there is a good chance they will click the link attached to it if it goes to an interesting blog post. This benefits you because it increases the number of eyes on your website and content, which benefits you in terms of SEO.

With all these benefits listed above for running a blog as part of your local business marketing strategy, it is clear why blogging can be such an important step to take when branding yourself online! If you need any help with your blogging or content creation in general, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help!